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What is a Double Bet?

A double bet is quite simple to get your head around, unlike so many other bets that are listed on this site.
It consists of two selections of which both must win in order to gain a return on the bet. All bets within a double must be on separate events.

The double bet works like this…
Two selections (bets) are made on different events. Let’s say the first event/bet wins. The winnings and original stake from that bet then go on as stake for the second selection. This type of bet is very popular with sports such as football and horse racing, due to the fact that it creates the possibility of larger winnings as well as excitement for the person who has placed the bet.

But for the larger returns and excitement, a double bet brings comes the increased risk of losing the lot if one of the events do not win. To reduce risk, some bookmakers offer Each way options on specific events which means that all is not lost if one of your bets do not win or comes in 2nd, 3rd or 4th.


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