Union Jack Round Robin Bet

The punter who likes to take calculated risks will like the Union Jack Round Robin bet. Designed after the flag that gave the bet its name, the Union Jack Round Robin is a complex wager that involves multiple events and multiple selections. Those who are lucky are rewarded with a considerable return.

What Is It and How Does A Union Jack Round Robin Bet Work?

A good look at the Union Jack flag will give punters an indication of what this bet is like. It involves choosing nine betting selections which compete in different sporting contests of the same type. Many types of sports will work, but bookies usually restrict the wager to one single type of sport. In other words, you cannot make a Union Jack by combining selections on horse racing and football.

8 Trixies are combined with 24 up-and-down Single Stake About Bets. Three rows of three selections are formed to make a Round Robin, and bets are made on each horizontal, vertical, and diagonal line. There are 80 bets in total which make up the Union Jack.

How to Calculate Winnings

The best way to calculate the potential winnings from a Union Jack Round Robin bet is to use a bet calculator provided by an online bookmaker. This handy tool is offered for free to punters by almost every bookie. It simplifies the process of making a bet slip, and it also helps to prevent mistakes.

A calculation of the bet includes adding together the returns that are earned if each betting selection wins. One must factor in the odds on each selection. This is why it is much simpler to use a Union Jack calculator.

Why Make A Union Jack Round Robin Bet?

Punters might want to consider a Union Jack Round Robin if they have confidence in a large number of betting selections. The bet is also something to consider when one has an adequate bankroll for betting.

It is an idea wager for punters that are experienced in betting. For these individuals, the chance of a large total return justifies the risk of making the bet.

What Sports Work Well With a Union Jack Round Robin Bet?

Horse racing is a sport that is particularly good for a Union Jack wager. On many race cards there are at least nine betting events. Sometimes there are even more. Bookies have been taking Union Jack bets on horse racing for many years, and that isn’t likely to change. You won’t have to worry about your bookie offering the bet if you stick with horse racing.

In recent years it has also become popular to place Union Jack Round Robin bets on football matches. Premier League matches can be a good candidate. All bookmakers may not offer the bet on football contests, so check to make sure before you sign up with a bookie.

Best Sites to Place a Union Jack Round Robin Bet On?

In the UK almost all bookmakers are willing to accept the Union Jack on certain sporting events. Punters should also concern themselves with the sports book that offers the best deals to players.

Betfair, Bet365, and Ladbrokes all have good reputations with bettors in the UK. Each has been around for many years, and each is able to offer competitive odds. You will also find that some of these bookmakers provide a free bet to new customers. Other promotions may also be available.


The Union Jack Round Robin bet is not a wager that you want to make on a whim. It requires careful thought and preparation, and also a skill for picking winning selections.

If you have the proper bankroll and the knowledge of a particular sporting event that is required to pick multiple winners, the Union Jack Round Robin can be very profitable.