What Is A Dutching Bet?

The Dutching Bet Explained

Dutching in sports betting is a technique used by many punters to achieve favorable results. A dutching system of betting can be used when making bets on football, horse racing, and many other sporting contests. The great thing about this type of betting is its versatility.

The basics of dutching involve placing bets in such a way as to maximize the chance of winning. It is even possible to use this betting style to create and achieve profit targets. Here is a brief guide to dutching that will help you understand how the system works.


What is Dutching and How Does a Dutching Bet Work?

Dutching has a very colorful history. It is not a new technique. The origins of this betting method can be traced to the days of Chicago gangster Al Capone. One of the bookkeepers that worked for Capone was named Dutch Schultz. As the story goes, Schultz came up with a way to bet horses that allowed him to lock in a profit. Whether he developed the method at the request of Capone or for his own benefit is a matter of debate. What can be said is that the system would be named in honour of Dutch Schultz.

A Dutchy Schultz, as it is sometimes called, is the name for spreading a bet over multiple choices. Instead of betting £100 on a single runner in a horse race, the customer makes bets of different amounts on three or more choices.

The dutching system of wagering may be properly classified as a betting strategy. It requires the punter to back several choices in a single betting event. A single stake is split among the punter’s selections to assure the same return no matter which of the choices wins.

It is important to remember that dutching does not guarantee a profit. No betting system can do that. An individual can lose with this kind of wager if none of the choices win the event. The technique is one that is best used by experienced punters. The novice should steer clear of dutching.


How To Calculate Winnings

The object of dutching is to craft a bet that guarantees a specific profit. Making the right calculations can be difficult. That’s why we recommend that punters use a dutching calculator like the one offered by Oddsfactory.

Using a dutching calculator is very simple. The player enters information which includes the total stake and the odds format. The next step is to provide the selections for the event and the odds that are being offered. The dutching calculator does the rest.

This calculator will inform the customer how to spread their stake over the various selections to achieve the desired winnings. Dutching software is the recommended way to proceed when making these types of bets because it eliminates the possibility of error in calculations.

An advantage of using a calculator is that multiple scenarios can be simulated before an actual bet is made. These calculators are stand-alone applications and are not connected to a betting interface. Players can try out different selections to see which will provide the best betting opportunity.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

To examine the potential results that can be achieved with bet dutching it is helpful to consider a very basic example. The first step is to identify the selections that will be bet in a given event. The punter decides on:

Taco Toddy at odds of 6.4
Thrust and Throttle at odds of 6.2
Friday at odds of 7.2

The goal is now to determine an acceptable profit for the risk that is being taken. The player is looking to make a profit between £36 and £38. In order to do that the following amounts must be wagered:

£7 on Taco Toddy for a return of £37.80
£7 on Thrust and Throttle for a return of £36.40
£6 on Friday for a return of £37.20

By using the dutching software that is available on many online sportsbook websites the player has been able to determine the wager needed for a specific profit.


Why Make A Dutching Bet?

There are many reasons why a person would choose to dutch a bet. The most common could be that some events are difficult to handicap. This is especially true in horse racing.

A horse racing event can contain as many as 20 runners. These events can be competitive. Several horses in the event could be strong candidates for a win. The punter can use dutching to select more than one horse and guarantee a profit if any of the selections win.

It can be demoralizing to pick a horse in a given race and watch with dismay as that horse finishes second. The very best handicappers are only correct in their choices one-third of the time. Being able to make more selections increases the win rate for many players.

This type of betting also allows those who make bets on football matches or other sports to use more selections for an improved chance to win the bet. It can often be less expensive to dutch a bet than to make several random wagers.

This advanced technique can be profitable when applied by a skilled player. The obvious motivation for these experienced individuals is profit. The bet can provide increased profits in difficult betting situations.


What’s the Difference Between a Dutching Bet and Another?

There are important differences between dutching and other wagers that are found on a bookie’s betting menu. The favorite bet of Al Capone’s accountant is properly classified as a betting strategy instead of a betting type.

Compare the dutch bet with a bet such as the Goliath or other types of lay bets and the difference is apparent. A dutch bet requires a lower number of selections than a large parlay or a multiple wager at the racetrack. It can also be less expensive to make the dutch than it is to make other bet types.

Another difference is that these bets often involve a single event instead of several contests. A player can narrow their focus to one contest.


What Sports Work Well With a Dutching Bet?

Some claim that this betting strategy can be used with success on any sporting event. Others assert that horse racing and football are the best sports for the technique. The obvious choice is any wagering event that offers multiple selections.

Any event that proves difficult to handicap can be a dutching event. If you are having trouble making a choice between three or four selections, try this type of betting strategy.

The very first events to be bet in this manner were horse racing contests. They have remained popular among players who use the method. It is probably accurate to say that a dutching bet strategy can be managed with less difficulty when the chosen sport is horse racing.


Best Sites To Place a Dutching Bet On

A bet can be dutched with almost any bookmaker. Some bookies are more attractive than others when it comes to getting the best odds. Three UK bookmakers that have a strong reputation in the industry are Betfair, Bet365, and Ladbrokes.

Betfair has been a trailblazer when it comes to horse racing. This sportsbook also offers betting on other sports. Those who want a full-service betting exchange are encouraged to give Betfair a try. With a Betfair account the player has access to sports in many areas of the world.

One of the oldest bookmakers in the UK is Ladbrokes. It can trace its origins to 1886. Originally a mainstay on the live horse racing apron, Ladbrokes today has a large online presence. It operates a sportsbook in addition to a live casino. This bookmaker is generally considered to be player-friendly, and many promotions are offered.

Bet365 is one of the younger bookmakers in the UK. In has been in business since 2000. Bet365 is the bookmaker of choice for those who crave lots of action. The company has a strong loyalty program and offers access to many betting events in many locations.

The idea bookmaker to use for dutching is one that will offer a generous bonus for signing up and funding an account. Players also look for many events to choose from on a daily basis.



Dutch betting can be a useful strategy for experienced punters who want to lock in a certain profit. It can be a difficult strategy for the novice, but with a little practice dutching is possible for anyone to master.

This type of wager is most successful when used in highly competitive events. It effectively gives the player a wider range by including more than one betting choice. The downside is that a player can still lose when none of the selections come in.

Financially, the bet can be more attractive than others because it does not require a massive investment. You can use this type of bet today when you register with one of our recommended online bookmakers.