There’s always a tennis match or tennis tournament going on somewhere in the world, which makes it a very popular sport with punters all over the globe.
Most people only think of tennis in the summer months when Wimbledon is on, but this is an all year global sport that provides gamblers with vast amounts of opportunities to place bets on the sport.


Popular Tennis Tournaments To Bet On.

The most popular tennis events for punters to bet on are the four Grand Slam events of the year:

The Australian Open
The French Open
US Open

The Australian Open kicks off in January, with the French open and Wimbledon taking place in the summer and then on to the US Open in September. There is hardly a week goes by when a top class tennis tournament is not taking place somewhere in the world. It’s not just the Grand Slams that you can bet on. You then have the smaller ATP tournaments that happen between the larger tournaments.


Tennis Free Bets & Bonuses

You can use free bets and bonuses on any ATP and WTA tour events throughout the year. So long as there’s a tennis match happening, you can use these offers.