What Is A Canadian Bet? – The Canadian Bet Explained

Neal Merchant

The Canadian bet is an exciting way to wager on sports games and horse races. Also known as Super Yankee bet, these are a bit more complicated than singles or one-way bets. However, the complexity of it all is what makes wagering so thrilling!

If you’re not familiar with Canadian bets, don’t worry. While they do have a reputation for being a bit difficult to understand for outsiders, combination bets aren’t as scary as they seem. Once you understand the basics, you’ll be good to go. It’s important to understand what the bet is, what it entails, and how it works. After that, you’ll have all the information you need to make your first bet with a sportsbook.

In this guide, we’re going to break down the information barriers. Our goal is to provide you with all the knowledge you need to know about Canadian bets!


What is a Canadian Bet?

Whether you call it a Super Yankee bet or a Canadian bet, these wagers are nothing more than combo bets. To put it simply, the bet packages several different types of bets into one. Many new punters steer clear of combination bets because they seem overly confusing at face value. In reality, they’re nothing more than simple bets packaged into one!

In total, a Canadian bet has 26 different bets in it. These bets are made with five different selections. Canadian betting covers a wide range of eventualities. As a result, it could improve your chances of seeing some type of return. Of course, your potential earnings increase as more of your selections come out on top. But, you don’t need to win everything to see some of your money back.


How Does a Canadian Bet Work?

The number of bets you’re making can seem intimidating at first. However, Canadian betting involves making wagers on only four different bet types. The breakdown for a Canadian bet includes:

10 double bets
10 treble bets
5 four-fold accumulators
1 five-fold accumulator

The best way to fully understand how a Canadian bet works is to learn more about the individual bets at play.


Double Bets

Also known as doubles, these bets are one of the simplest you can make next to single bets. Basically, doubles require you to bet on the outcome of two separate events. You will be wagering on two selections.

Earlier, we said that Canadian bets involved five selections. Well, the double bets allow you to break those five selections down as you see fit. For example, you can choose your desired winner from five separate game matches or sports races. The over-arching Canadian bet will encompass all of your five selections. But, the individual double bets will only focus on two.

To win your doubles, both of your selections have to win. Single wins or double-heat scenarios are not accepted! Luckily, you have plenty of ways to win these doubles. The Canadian bet includes 10 of them after all!


Treble Bets

A treble includes three selections. It’s pretty similar to a double bet. The primary difference is that it focuses on three selections rather than two. These bets come with higher risks. However, they are much easier to win than some other bets.

Like a double, all three of your selections have to come out on top to win. If even one of your selections doesn’t make it, you lose the entire treble bet. In the Canadian bet, 10 trebles are included.


Four-fold Accumulators

Accumulators aren’t as complicated as most people think. It’s nothing more than a fancy way of saying that you’re combining several selections into one wager. As you might have guessed, fourfolds include four selections.

Like the previous bets, all four of your selections have to win for you to earn a return. This is obviously more difficult to achieve compared to a double or treble. Luckily, Canadian bets only include five four-fold accumulators.


Five-Fold Accumulators

Last, but not least, there’s the five-fold accumulator. The most difficult bet to win in the combination, a five-fold includes all five of your selections. Every single one of those selections has to win for you to be victorious!

This is no easy task. But with great risk comes great reward. These bets offer the most winnings. The Canadian bet only includes a single five-fold accumulator.


How to Calculate Canadian Bet Winnings

The best way to figure out your potential returns is to use a Canadian bet calculator. Canadian bets, like all combo bets, are very complicated. Not only do you have to factor in unit stakes, but there are also different odds formats to consider. While it’s possible to do it all by hand, a calculator is going to make things much easier.

All you have to do is input the parameters of your bet found on your bet slip. You can adjust variables as you go. The calculator will update your results on the fly, giving you a much better idea of what you’re in for.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Predictions

The best part of a Canadian bet is that you have many ways to win big. That’s the beauty of combination bets! Instead of falling on a single scenario, many outcomes are covered.

Let us put this into perspective. With a traditional singles bet, the chances of you earning a return are pretty much 50/50. Your selection either wins or it loses. There’s no in-betweens or other potential returns to be had.

With a Canadian bet, you’re looking at 26 bets that you can win! To make matters even better, you can still earn a return on your investment even if all of your selections don’t win.

Say that three out of the five selections come out victorious. While there’s no chance that you could have won the four-fold accumulators or the five-fold accumulator, there’s a chance that you still won elsewhere. The doubles and trebles are meant to cover as many eventualities as possible. Considering that those bets make up 20 out of the 26 bets, the odds are in your favor!

That said, the more selections win the better. To truly earn a profit, you will need four of the selections to come out on top. You’ll earn money back if only two or three win. But, you still may end up in the red.


Why Make a Canadian Bet?

Canadian bets can appear daunting at first due to the large up-front investment. With a unit bet of £1, you’re looking at £26 to place a Canadian bet. Of course, your initial investment will likely be much higher than that.

But that added risk does come with the potential for greater rewards. Depending on the parameters of your bet, you could be looking at several thousand pounds of cash if all of your selections win.


Different Kinds of Canadian Bets You Can Make

There are a few different types of Canadian bets available. They utilize the same principles as the classic version. But, they have higher stakes.

All-Win Canadian Bet

As you can probably guess from the name, an All-Win Canadian bet is very risky. Not recommended for beginners, this bet has difficult odds. Typically, these bets are reserved for horse racing. To win, every single one of your selections has to come in first place. No permutations are allowed. That’s a tall order!

If you’re lucky enough to make the right choices, you’re looking at a massive payout. Depending on the odds, these bets can result in a payout of close to £30,000!

Each-Way Canadian Bet

Here’s something safer that you can try out. It’s similar to the way Canadian bets work. But, they have another element in play. All of the bets are transformed into each-way bets. Basically, this means that you can have it either way. Your selection doesn’t have to come in first place. As long as they place somewhere in the top, you win.

Now, this bet will cost you more. You’re essentially doubling every bet. So, the final bet count is 52. Your minimum total stake would have to be £52.


What’s the Difference Between Canadian Bets and Other Combination Bets?

Canadian bets are often confused with other similar combination bets. There’s no shortage of combination bets to choose from. They all work similarly. But, the difference lies in the number of separate bets they have.

For example, there’s the Trixie bet. With a Trixie, you’re making a wager on three separate events. But, there are only four bets in total. These include three doubles and a treble.

The most common bet that’s mistaken for a Canadian bet is the Lucky 31. Like Canadian bets, Lucky 31 bets are based on five choices. They also include all the same separate bets as the Canadian bet. This includes the 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four-folds, and one five-fold. But, the Lucky 31 bet also includes five singles. Lucky 31 bets are full-cover bets while Canadian bets are not.


What Sports Work Well With Canadian Bets?

You can place a Canadian bet on most competitive games. As long as there’s a clear winner, these bets can apply. In Great Britain and beyond, Canadian bets are most often used with horse racing and football matches.


Best Sites to Place a Canadian Bet On

You don’t have to go to traditional bookmakers to place a Canadian bet. You can press your luck with online betting sites, too. There’s no shortage of sports betting sites out there. Most of them are more than willing to accept Canadian bets, so do some research and check a few out.

Just make sure that they are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission for good measure. Oftentimes, you’ll find sites offering free bets for new members. It’s a great way to try out a Canadian bet without risking any of your real money.

Here are some sites you can try out:

William Hill
Paddy Power


Canadian bets are a great way to add some thrill to your sports betting endeavors. Despite what some may lead you to believe, the combination bet is not reserved for seasoned bettors. As long as you understand the game and know what you’re betting on, beginners can place one, too! Who knows, you may get lucky and win big!