What Is A Treble Bet? – The Treble Bet Explained

treble bet

Neal Merchant

The Treble bet is yet another example of a multiple wager this similar to the Double. This wager is often used by punters in sports betting to maximize their winnings by combining three events into one bet. A Treble can often provide better returns than that achieved by making Single bets on three different selections.

Three selections (bets) are made on different events. Let’s say the first event/bet wins. The winnings and original stake from that bet then go on as stake for the second selection and if that wins, then the winnings and stake from that bet go on as the stake for the third. This type of bet, much like the double, is very popular with football, motor racing, and horse racing, due to the fact that it creates the possibility of larger winnings and one hell of a buzz for the person who has placed the bet.


What Is It and How Does A Treble Bet Work?

Treble bets are classified as a type of accumulator by UK bookmakers. Each Treble bet involves multiple legs, or betting events. This can be three football matches or three horse races. In most cases the events are held on the same day or weekend. In horse racing it is common for a Treble to be offered only on consecutive races at a single racetrack.

Rather than making a Single bet on each selection, the punter uses the Treble to craft one bet slip. Bookmakers can offer unique odds on the Treble wager. Most punters select a Treble when they think the odds are more generous than those for Single bets.

To collect a payout on a Treble bet, all of the punter’s wagering selections must win. If any of the three picks fails to win, the entire bet is lost. There is no payout offered for being correct with one or two of the selections.

There is also an Each-Way Treble bet that is offered by some bookies. In this bet the punter’s selections can finish in either first or second for the bet to be won.

The manner in which Treble bets work is standard for accumulator bet types. If the first choice wins the returns on that choice are carried over to the second choice. Winnings from the second choice are likewise placed on the third selection. This can create a nice total profit for the punter if the odds on each of the chosen horses are high.


The formulae for working out profit from a Treble Bet is as follows:

Total Return = Initial Investment x (decimal odds of the first position) x (decimal odds of the second position) x (decimal odds of the third position)

But, with higher potential gain comes higher risk and the more positions you add to your bet, the more chance there is that something will get in the way of your win. If you look at winning as a journey. The most efficient and easy way to get from start (A) to destination (Z) is in a straight line and in one go (single bet). If you add ‘checkpoints’, so B, C, D (additional positions) each one of these positions creates an opportunity for something to go wrong, to stop you from getting to your destination.

There are ways around this to ensure that you cover as many potential outcomes as possible and ‘cover your losses’ so to speak. Take a look at ‘each way’ bets as an example.


How to Calculate Winnings

To calculate winnings on a Treble bet one need only use a simple formula that takes into account the odds being offered. Each set of odds on the Treble selections is increased by 1. The punter then multiplies the new odds to arrive at an overall odds figure.

There is an easier way to arrive at the cost and probable winnings from a Treble bet. This is a Treble bet calculator.  The punter enters in information such as the odds on each selection and the total stake. All that remains is to let the calculator provide the cost of the bet and the expected total return.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

Horse racing is a good sport to provide an example of how a Treble bet can be used to increase profits. Let us suppose that the punter has chosen to make a Treble bet on a series of races at Newmarket Racecourse.

Making single bets on the horses involved in the Treble sequence would result in a small return. If all horses were favored to win at odds of 2-1, a punter would only be able to double their original stake on each selection with a win. So, if the total outlay was £15, the punter would receive £15 back and a £30 profit for a total return of £45.

Compare this with betting a Treble at odds of 10-1. The punter would receive the original £15 back plus the profit of £150 for a total return of £165. It is not uncommon for Treble bets to pay this much or more when all of the punter’s selections win.


Why Make a Treble Bet?

A Treble bet can have numerous advantages over other bet types. One of these is the ability to turn short-priced selections into value bets. The punter can effectively increase the odds on a individual selection when betting a Treble bet instead of a single.

A higher payout is only one reason this type of bet is attractive. It is also a simple bet compared to other wagers. Only three selections in three different events are required.


Examples of a Treble Bet

Here’s an examples of a treble bet in Football:

You can see that there’s 3 single bets on the home teams. You’re then given the option of selecting a treble bet which is basically a 3 bet accumulator. From the example above a £9.00 stake on this treble bet has a potential returns of £139.10.

If you did 3 singles, you would only win £22.90.


Here’s an examples of a treble bet in Horse Racing:


What’s the Difference Between a Treble Bet and Another?

The Treble bet differs from some other types of bets because it is a multiple and an accumulator. This means that the bet requires multiple selections and multiple events. Winnings from one leg accumulate and are placed on the subsequent selections.

A Treble bet should not be confused with a Trixie. The Trixie is a bet on which horses will finish first, second, or third in a race. Treble bets are also considered to be one bet as opposed to larger accumulators like the Fourfold or Tricast.


What Sports Work Well With a Treble Bet

It is most common for punters to make Treble bets on horse racing or Premier League matches. It is a bet that can also work with tennis matches. The common denominator is that any sport chosen must offer three individual contests in a single day.

For example, the punter could choose to bet on three horse races from a single card of racing. Three football matches or basketball games on a single weekend or day would also be good choices for the Treble bet.


Best Sites To Place a Treble Bet On

Almost all betting sites in the UK offer the Treble bet. This wager has been a part of the betting menu for many years. It was first popularized as a horse racing bet. Today, the bet has progressed to include other sports.

Punters should give careful thought to the online bookmaker that is chosen. Some bookies will seek to attract new customers by offering a free bet. Others may offer a matching deposit bonus for the player. All customers should check which t&cs apply before creating their account. Betfair, Bet365, and Ladbrokes are among the most popular bookies in the UK.



The Treble bet is a good choice for the novice or experienced punter. It is not too complicated for the newcomer to master, and the veteran punter will use it to great effect.

Making a Treble bet is also much less expensive than making some of the other large wagers. This bet offers a decent chance at a good return for a very minimal investment.