Goliath Flag Bet

The Goliath Flag Bet Explained

When punters start to get familiar with the world of sports betting, they often try their luck at more complicated wagers. Contrary to popular belief, betting is not always a simple one-way wager. Combination bets take things to a new level and have the potential to provide some outstanding rewards.

One of the biggest combination bets is the Goliath Flag bet. Goliath Flags are not for the faint of heart! Consisting of several hundred individual wagers, they are designed for serious punters looking to walk away with some serious cash.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Goliath Flag bet, we have you covered. We’re going to break down how this bet works and what it has to offer.


What is the Goliath Flag Bet?

Like we mentioned earlier, a Goliath Flag Bet is a combination bet. It’s similar to other combo bets like the Trixie or Yankee. Combination bets sound complicated. But, they are nothing more than a series of individual bets packaged into one unit. It simplifies your bet slip. Plus, it allows you to make multiple wagers on the same events and selections.

In total, the Goliath Flag Bet has an eye-watering 303 separate bets built into it. These bets are designed to cover a wide range of potential eventualities. We’ll get into that a bit later.

Winning this bet depends on the performance of eight different selections across separate events. It’s not like an each-way bet where you are wagering on different placements during the same match. Instead, it’s geared toward large-scale events. For example, you could use it to wager on the outcome of multiple horse races or a series of football matches.


How Does the Goliath Flag Bet Work?

When most inexperienced bettors see that the Goliath Flag bet contains 303 different bets, most will simply walk away and not even consider it! Despite the intimidating nature of combination bets like this, it’s really not too difficult to understand.

All you need is a good grasp of how the individual bet types within the combination bet work. Once you have that down, you can easily figure out your game plan and decide how your selections could affect your possible payouts.

The Goliath Flag bet is broken down as follows:

28 double bets
56 treble bets
70 four-fold accumulators
56 five-fold accumulators
28 six-fold accumulators
8 seven-fold accumulators
1 eight-fold accumulator
20 single stake about pairs


Double Bets

Doubles are going to be the easiest part of the Goliath Flag bet to win. They are individual bets that involve two out of your eight selections. Now, the combination bet includes eight selections in total. But, the double is only going to focus on the two specific selections you choose for each bet.

The interesting thing about doubles is that both of your selections need to win. So, let’s say that you chose horse A to win on the first race and horse B to win on the second. If horse A wins but horse B doesn’t, you lose.

Dead-heats are not accepted in a double. Both selections have to come out on top.


Treble Bets

Next up, we have your trebles. Treble bets are the riskier version of doubles. They contain three selections that all have to win for you to see a return. Even if two out of those three selections come out victorious, it’s not considered a win. The Goliath Flag bet has a total of 56 trebles, so you can be strategic and increase your odds significantly.


Four-Fold Accumulators

Continuing on the pattern, four-folds involve four selections. The term “accumulator” sounds different from doubles and trebles. But, it’s the exact same concepts apply. Accumulators simply apply to bets that include four or more choices.

With a four-fold accumulator, all four of your selections need to win. Four-folds are the most prominent in Goliath Flag bets. There’s a total of 70.


Five-Fold Accumulators

With a five-fold, you get to choose five different selections. Again, all of them need to win for you to see a return. This bet is a lot riskier than a double or a treble. But, it does come with impressive rewards.


Six-Fold Accumulators

There are only 28 six-folds in the Goliath Flag bet. They are very hard to beat, requiring six of your selections to win. Like the other bets, every single one of your choices has to win to see returns.


Seven-Fold Accumulators

Next, we have your seven-fold accumulator. Seven-folds involve seven selections. As always, each one has to win. In this combination bet, there are only 8 seven-folds.


Eight-Fold Accumulators

The last of the accumulators is the eight-fold. This bet offers the biggest prize. Every last one of your eight selections has to win, making it a tall order. As you can guess, there’s only a single eight-fold in the Goliath Flag bet.


Single Stake About Pairs

The final bet type in the Goliath Flag Bet is the single stake about pairs. These bets go by many names. They’re often referred to as up-and-down bets, any to come bets, and more. Technically speaking, they are a type of up-and-down bet.

Up-and-down bets are very unique. Basically, they are a single bet that includes two bets from two events. You must choose a selection from each event. Unlike a double bet, these two selections are treated independently and act as separate bets.

The first acts like a normal single bet. You either win or you lose. Whatever is left or earned from the first bet is used to control the stake of the second. So, if you lose the first bet, you might not have enough money to cover the stake for the second. But if you win, you might have a higher stake.

The SSA bet modifies those stipulations a bit by ensuring that the stake for the second part is equal to the first. It caps the second bet. That is, however, unless the result of the first bet doesn’t leave enough for the second. In that case, the second bet will simply use whatever is leftover.


How to Calculate Potential Winnings from a Goliath Flag Bet

Calculating your winnings from a Goliath bet is not easy. There are way too many factors coming into play. With doubles, trebles, accumulators, and up-and-down bets involved, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers. On top of all that, you have to consider odds formats, unit stakes, and more.

If you don’t want to bury yourself in a mountain of math, you can just use a bet calculator. Goliath flag bet calculators can provide you with the information you need in seconds. All you need to do is input the parameters of the bet. It’s accurate and very easy to use.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

One of the best things about combination bets like Goliath Flag is that you’re not just covering a simple win/lose scenario. Traditional one-way bets seem like the safer bet. But, your odds are fixed and even. You either win or you lose.

With a Goliath Flag bet, you’re increasing your odds of winning something. When you think about all of the potential outcomes that could occur with your selections, there’s a lot to cover! With 303 individual bets, you can do just that.

Let’s look at an example. Say that you’re betting on Premier League matches. You’ve chosen your selections out of eight matches. When you’re filling out your bet slip, you can use those individual bets to cover all potential outcomes. That way, you have a good chance of earning some kind of potential return.

The chances of all eight of your selections winning are small. You might end up with only four out of the eight coming out on top. Normally, you’d be out of luck and money. With a Goliath Flag bet, you’re still earning some money back. That’s because those four selections winning are covered by the smaller bets. You might have won a four-fold accumulator, a treble, a double, or even a single stake about pair.

As a result, you’re going to get some of your money back. You may even earn a nice profit. Generally, only a handful of wins is not going to put you in the green. You’ll earn some of your initial investment back, but it’s not going to be a profitable endeavor. If you want to make money, you’ll need to have at four or five selection wins.


Why Make a Goliath Flag Bet?

Goliath Flag bets are very exciting. When you see how the bet is broken down, it’s not hard to see why they are so popular. Ultimately, it all comes down to safety.

Despite the fact that it includes 303 bets, the odds are in your favor. By covering all of those potential outcomes, there’s a greater chance that you’re going to walk away with something. Of course, nothing is guaranteed. But, a huge combination bet is the best way to increase your odds of getting something back. With so many bets built into the Goliath Flag, you’re at a statistical advantage.

Another big perk of this bet is the potential earnings. Now, placing a Goliath Flag bet is not cheap. With a £1 unit stake, you’re looking at a total stake of £303. It’s a big investment!

But if you’re lucky enough to get a lot of winning selections, the payout could be astronomical! As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need a handful of wins on different events to break even. But once you go past that threshold, you’re looking at several pounds of profit.

Let’s say that you are placing a Goliath Flag Bet with a £1 unit stake. Your selections are priced at 4.00. If all eight of your selections win, your total profit will be over £390,000! That’s huge cash out that only a combination bet like the Goliath Flag could provide.


What’s the Difference Between a Goliath Flag Bet and Other Combination Bets?

There are several combination bets out there that you can place with your bookmaker. They all have unique names, so it’s easy to get confused. You have the Super Heinz, the Union Jack, the Lucky 15, the Super Flag, the Round Robin, Canadian, and more.

Ultimately, the difference between the Goliath Flag bet and any other combination bet is the number of selections and bets. For example, the Super Yankee bet consists of five selections and a measly 26 bets. A Super Heinz bet has 120. Both are a far cry from the behemoth that is the Goliath Flag.

One of the most common mistakes punters make is referring to the Goliath Flag bet as simply “Goliath.” These are two totally different bets. A Goliath bet consists of 247 bets. It has many of the same types of bets as a Goliath Flag. But, it’s missing those all-important single stake about bets. Thus, it has a lower potential total return.


What Sports Work Well with Goliath Flag Bets?

Goliath Flag bets can be made on a wide range of sports. It’s most common with horse racing sportsbook betting. But, you can also place bets on football matches, tennis games, and so much more. They don’t apply to single matches. Remember, you must make eight selections. The bet can be used for large-scale events like the World Cup or Premier League. But a single match is usually wagered on with simpler bets.


Bets Sites to Place a Goliath Flag Bet On

There’s no shortage of good online bookmakers out there. The Goliath Flag is an extreme type of bet. But, it’s something that most bookies are familiar with. So, you shouldn’t have any issues placing it on an online betting platform.

It’s good to check out what online booking sites have to offer. Many will cover a wide range of international games. Some will even have free bets and other incentives for new members. Thus, you can use some of that free money to test the waters before making a Goliath Flag bet.


Here are some great sites to try out:

888 Sports
Paddy Power
William Hill



Goliath Flag bets are definitely not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot at stake. However, they much more approachable than most people think. With hundreds of built-in wagers, you have a greater chance of seeing a return. The key is to understand your sport. Having a good grasp of what the Goliath Flag bet entails is good, too! Give this bet a shot. You might get lucky and come out earning a nice reward.