A treble bet is similar in style to a double bet, with the exception that it consists of three selections rather than two. As with the double, or with an accumulator, all bets within a treble must be on separate events, races or games, and all must win for the bet to be successful. This Treble Bet Calculator can help you trace out a treble bet.


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What is a Treble Bet and How does it Work?

Three selections (bets) are made on different events. Let’s say the first event/bet wins. The winnings and original stake from that bet then go on as stake for the second selection and if that wins, then the winnings and stake from that bet go on as the stake for the third. This type of bet, much like the double, is very popular with football, motor racing, and horse racing, due to the fact that it creates the possibility of larger winnings and one hell of a buzz for the person who has placed the bet.

The formulae for working out profit from a Treble Bet is as follows:

Total Return = Initial Investment x (decimal odds of the first position) x (decimal odds of the second position) x (decimal odds of the third position)

But, with higher potential gain comes higher risk and the more positions you add to your bet, the more chance there is that something will get in the way of your win. If you look at winning as a journey. The most efficient and easy way to get from start (A) to destination (Z) is in a straight line and in one go (single bet). If you add ‘checkpoints’, so B, C, D (additional positions) each one of these positions creates an opportunity for something to go wrong, to stop you from getting to your destination.

There are ways around this to ensure that you cover as many potential outcomes as possible and ‘cover your losses’ so to speak. Take a look at ‘each way’ bets as an example.

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