What Is A Super Flag Bet?

The Super Flag bet explained

The Super Flag bet is a thrilling wager that’s typically placed by more experienced punters. Anyone could use this bet to wager their money during a sporting event. But, it’s one of the more difficult options available. With high total stakes and a bevy of potential outcome possibilities, it’s not for the faint of heart!

That said, the Super Flag bet has a lot to offer! It offers more opportunities to win some cash. When compared to a simple singles bet, your odds of making some type of return increase significantly.

If you’re not familiar with Super Flag betting, we’re here to help! In this guide, we’ll break down what this wager has to offer and show you how it works.


What is the Super Flag Bet?

A Super Flag bet is one of many combination bets. You may see these options on your bet slip from both online and in-person bookmakers. They’re quite popular for many reasons, which we will get into later.

Essentially, a combination bet is a multi-wager bet. Instead of betting money on a simple win/lose scenario, you’re bundling several smaller bets into one.

Super Flag bets contain a total of 46 separate bets! They all involve five different selections. Those selections must cover five different events. For example, you might bet on five different horse races or five matches of the Premier League.


How Does the Super Flag Bet Work?

Before you let the fact that Super Flag bets contain 46 bets scare you off, lets dive a bit deeper into how the wager works! 46 different bets can be intimidating. However, it’s not that difficult to understand.

The key to understanding Super Flag bets is to get a good grasp of the different bet types it contains. The Super Flag bet constituents are as follows:

10 double bets
10 treble bets
5 four-fold accumulators
1 five-fold accumulator
10 up-and-down single stake about pairs

Double Bets

The double bets are the simplest wagers to win in the Super Flag bet. With these bets, you’re putting money on the outcome of two events. They involve only two of your selections rather than all five.

Here’s the tricky part: both of your selections must win to earn a return. You can’t have a dead heat. There are no partial wins, either. It’s either both selections win or they don’t!

Treble Bets

Trebles are very like doubles. The only difference is that they use three selections rather than two. The odds are a bit tougher. Yet, the rewards are also higher.

Like doubles, all three of your selections must win to earn a return. If horse A and horse B win while horse C doesn’t live up to the hype, your treble is considered a loser!

Four-Fold Accumulators

An accumulator isn’t as different as a double and treble as it sounds. The term “accumulator” is simply used to refer to bets that contain four or more selections.

With four-folds, you’re choosing four selections. All four must come out victorious to see a return. You only have five four-folds in the Super Flag bet, so use them wisely!

Five-Fold Accumulator

The five-fold accumulator is the toughest to win. But, it comes with the highest reward. As you might have guessed, all five of your selections need to be victorious to win this bet. Because the larger Super Flag bet only involves five selections, there’s a single five-fold in the mix.


Up-and-Down Single Stake About Pairs

Now, here’s what makes the Super Flag a Super Flag. Up-and-down bets can get very complicated because they’re entirely conditional. The bet involves two selections. It’s a two-part bet that relies on the good performance of your first selection.

The first part of the bet is going to act like any other standard singles bet. However, the second bet will only occur if you win the first part.

Let’s take a look at a horse racing example. The first part of your bet would be a single bet on Selection 1. Selection 1 wins the race. So, the winnings from that first-part bet go to the second part of the bet. The second bet would be that Selection 2 wins the race.

The single stake about pairs part refers to the amount of cash being used on the second part of the best. For SSA pairs, the wager on part two will be equal to part one. The only exception is when there is not enough money in the pool to match that wager. In that case, part two will use whatever is left over.


How to Calculate Super Flag Bet Winnings

Doing the math for a Super Flag bet is no easy task. There are a lot of variables that come into play! Not only do you have to consider unit stakes, but there are also odd formats and prices to contend with! Instead of confusing yourself with the math, we recommend using a bet calculator.

Flag bet calculators are a must-have tool for bettors. You can easily input the details on your bet slip and figure out potential earnings in a jiffy. Super Flag bet calculators are particularly useful because of the up-and-down bets. You can change details on the fly and get up-to-date information as things unfold on the playing field.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

Super Flag bets are much more involved than a single one way bet. There’s no denying that! But another thing you can’t ignore is that you have a much greater chance of earning back a return.

With a single one-way or even each-way bet, you have pretty basic odds. You either win or you lose. While the stakes are typically lower, there are no “consolation prizes” to earn. With a combination bet like the Super Flag, you don’t have to make all the right selections to win!

Let’s say that only three out of your five selections come out victorious. In any other basic bet, you would be walking away with nothing. That’s not the case with the Super Flag. With 46 total bets, you’re covering far more eventualities than a simple win/lose bet.

With only three selection wins out of five, you could still walk away with some money. You will not win the most money possible, but you could easily get your total stake back. Depending on the details of your bet slip, you could even make a modest profit! That’s because the accumulators, trebles, and doubles could have won.


Why Make a Super Flag Bet?

Ultimately, there are two main reasons why punters love the Super Flag bet. The first is the safety it provides. As we mentioned earlier, you have a greater chance of earning some type of return. Statistically, the odds are in your favor.

Now, there are no guarantees in the world of sports betting. But Super Flag bets allow you to cover more potential outcomes and increase your overall odds of getting some money back.

Another big benefit is the potential for big total profits! If you’re lucky enough to select all five winnings, you could earn several thousand pounds in profits. Plus, there are the extra up-and-down bets! Those extra bets are all about pushing your luck and maximizing profits. They make your sporting event much more exciting to watch, too.


What’s the Difference Between a Super Flag Bet and Other Combination Bets?

Combination bets are a dime a dozen. With their quirky names and similar parameters, it’s very easy to confuse bets. The best way to differentiate complex wagers is to look at the number of bets included and the number of selections involved.

On the smaller end of the scale, you have the Trixie. It’s a three-selection bet with only four total bets. Moving on up, there’s the Yankee bet. Yankees utilize four selections for a total of 11 bets.

Then comes the Super Yankee bet! Also known as the Canadian bet, it has 26 total bets involving five selections.

The most common source of confusion comes from other flag bets. Super Flag bets are only one of several similar bets. This type of bet always includes doubles, trebles, accumulators, and up-and-down singe stake about pairs. However, they get more complex as you start adding more selections. Large bets include hundreds of individual wagers! They include things like six-fold accumulators, seven-fold accumulators, and more.

Here are some common flag-type bets:

Flag: four selections and 23 total bets
Heinz Flag: six selections and 87 total bets
Super Heinz Flag: seven selections and 162 total bets
Goliath Flag: eight selections and 302 total bets


What Sports Work Well with Super Flag Bet?

Typically, Super Flag bets are used for competitive multi-event sports. For example, you’ll see punters placing these bets on horse races. The thing with combination bets is that they don’t work on individual matches. If there are only two teams or players, how are you supposed to make five selections?

That said, they can be used on larger sporting events like the Premier League or World Cup. As long as there are multiple events that you can wager on, the bet works.


Best Sites to Place a Super Flag Bet On

Online bookies are great for placing Super Flag bets. Most are more than willing to accept the bet. The great thing about online betting sites is that they usually cover a wide range of worldwide events. Plus, many offer free bets and other incentives to new players! So, you can easily familiarize yourself with combination bets without risking any of your own real money.

Here are some sites worth trying out:

Paddy Power
William Hill
888 Sports
Titan bet
Bet Victor



Combination bets like the Super Flag are far more approachable than most people think. Sure, they have higher total stakes. But, the fact that they cover more eventualities is very enticing. There are more ways to win a return. And if you’re lucky enough to pick the right selections, you could be on your way to earning a very handsome reward!