What Is A Lucky 15 Bet – The Lucky 15 Bet Explained

Neal Merchant

Whether you’re betting on horse races, greyhounds, or football matches, there’s no shortage of wagering options for you to choose from. Sure, you could choose simple one-way bets to keep things safe. This is pretty common with those who are new to the world of sports betting. But what if you could make the odds work in your favor?

That’s where combination bets like the Lucky 15 come in! The Lucky 15 bet is a bit more complicated than your average wagers. But, it’s an exciting bet that can help you see better potential returns.

Lucky 15 bets are one of the most accessible types of combination bets around. While more complex than average, it has a relatively low total stake requirement.

If you’re still on the fence about Lucky 15 bets, we have you covered. In this guide, we’re going to break down how these bets work so that you can start testing your luck!


What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

As we mentioned earlier, the Lucky 15 bet is a combination bet. These types of bets are typically the go-to for seasoned punters. However, beginners can have a go at them, too. While they seem confusing, they’re easy to understand when you break things down.

Combination bets like Lucky 15 are nothing more than several separate bets bundled into one package. The combo bet encompasses those smaller wagers, simplifying your bet slip and increase your odds of success. We’ll get into how they work soon.

There are several combination bets available. Lucky 15 bets are often considered to be a beginner-friendly option. It is a full-coverage bet. Basically, this means that the bet consists of every possible bet given the number of selections.

Can you guess how many bets Lucky 15 has? In total, you’re making 15 different wagers with a single Lucky 15 combo bet. These bets involve four selections from different events.


How Do Lucky 15 Bets Work?

Making 15 different bets at once can be a bit scary for newcomers. But, it’s not as involved as you might think. To fully understand the way Lucky 15 bets work, all you need to do is take a look at the individual wagers it contains. Lucky 15 bets include:

4 single bets
6 double bets
4 treble bets
1 four-fold accumulator


Single Bets

Singles are the most basic type of bet you’ve made. Chances are, you’ve made a single before you even entered the world of sports bets. With a singles bet, you’re wagering on the fact that your selection will win. Take, for example, a soccer match. A single bet would be when you wager on the fact that team A will beat team B.

It’s simple and pretty approachable to newcomers. The cool thing about a Lucky 15 bet is that you get four singles. So, you get to make a selection for each event.


Double Bets

Double bets can get a hair more complex. Instead of choosing one selection, you’re choosing two. So, say that you’re betting on the outcome of four different horse races. With a double bet, you might say that horse A is going to with the first race while horse B wins the second one. That would be your double bet.

Now, here’s where things get tricky. To win a double, both of your selections have to be victorious. There’s no wiggle room here! Ties, also known as double heats, do not apply. If only one of your selections wins, you get nothing! With the Lucky 15 bet, you get six doubles.


Treble Bet

Trebles are not too different from doubles. The only distinction is that you’re making three selections instead of two. Going back to the previous horse race example, you would pick a winner for three races. Those three selections are part of a single treble bet.

To win, all three of your choices must win. It’s a riskier bet, as the odds are decreased. A Lucky 15 bet includes four trebles.


Four-Fold Accumulator

While accumulators sound fancier, they’re basically an extension of doubles and trebles. The term is used to describe bets that involve four or more selections. There are five-fold accumulators, six-fold accumulators, and so on. But for the Lucky 15, you only have a single four-fold accumulator.

As you might have guessed, this is the most difficult bet to win. To come out on top, every selection win is required! It’s a tough bet, but the rewards that come with making the right choices are very handsome.


How to Calculate Winnings From a Lucky 15 Bet

Calculating potential returns for a combination bet are no easy task. This is even true with a simpler one like Lucky 15. While you could do the math yourself, we recommend using a Lucky 15 bet calculator. These betting calculators can provide you with instant results based on the parameters of your bet.

Winnings depend entirely on your unit stake, the odds of the event, and more. With a calculator, you can simply input all of that information to get a better understanding of what to expect. You can change information on the fly to get updated results as well.


Betting Tips: Potential Result Predictions

As we mentioned earlier, Lucky 15 is a full-cover bet. It includes every possible wager that you can make for four different events. This is beneficial to you because it increases the odds of winning something.

With a simple singles bet, your odds are pretty much split down the middle. Either your selection wins or it doesn’t. It’s an easy concept to grasp, but it doesn’t work in your favor when it comes down to statistics.

The Lucky 15 bet, on the other hand, does. Say that only three of your selections came out on top. You’re not going to get a total return like you would if every choice won. But, that doesn’t mean that you get nothing.

The cool thing about combination bets is that they cover multiple possible outcomes. You might not have made all the right choices. But, those three winning choices were covered by the wagers in the Lucky 15 bet. You could have won a treble, a double, or a single!

There are many ways to win, which is one of the reasons why bettors love combination bets so much.


Why Make a Lucky 15 Bet?

At the end of the day, the Lucky 15 bet is a lot safer than standard single bets. Needless to say, there’s no way to guarantee that you’re going to win big. However, the odds are more in your favor when you’re making 15 bets. Statistically speaking, the numbers check out!

Obviously, having more successful selections is going to result in better winnings. To be profitable, you’ll need at least three of your selections to win. You might still be in the red with only two or one selection winning. But, you would be much better off than if you didn’t have all eventualities covered.

It’s worth noting that Lucky 15 bets do come with higher total stakes. Even on a low unit stake of £1, you will need to pay the bookmaker a minimum of £15. Though, that larger wager could result in a much higher payout if you’re successful.


Variations of the Lucky 15 Bet

There are a couple of different versions of the Lucky 15 bet. The most common is a win-only bet. This is the type that we described early. Your different selections need to win to get some returns.

Another option is an each-way Lucky 15 bet. They have the added protection of each-way bets built in. Each-way bets are much safer than win-only bets. Typically used for racing events, these bets ensure that you’re still getting some winnings even if your selection doesn’t come in first place. As long as they place somewhere in the top, your bet is considered a win.

An each-way Lucky 15 bet does increase the total stake. You’re effectively doubling each individual wager, so the total bets would be 30 instead of 15.

What’s the Difference a Lucky 15 Bet and Other Combination Bets?
Walk into any booking place and you’re bound to hear about a ton of different combination bets you can make. They’re quite popular and can get super complex depending on the number of selections you have.

The most common combo bets that people confuse the Yankee bet. It too involves four selections. However, the difference is that it’s not a full-cover bet. No singles are included, making it slightly riskier.

There are some other versions of the Lucky-style bet as well. There’s the Lucky 31 and Lucky 63. Those bets include more wagers and involve a higher number of selections. Outcomes depend on five and six selections respectively.


What Sports Work Well with Lucky 15 Bets?

Lucky 15 bets work on all kinds of sports. You can go to bookmakers to place bets on football matches, tennis matches, boxing matches, races, and more. They’re are most commonly used with horse racing because there are more potential selections you can make.


Best Sites to Place a Lucky 15 Bet On

If you’d rather make bets from the comfort of home, you have a lot of options to choose from. Online bookies are a dime a dozen these days. Because Lucky 15 bets are considered to be one of the simpler combination bets, many online bookies accept them.

Here are some of the best online bookmakers you can try out:

Paddy Power
William Hill

We recommend taking a look at what these sites have to offer. Many give out free bets to new customers. Once you make a qualifying bet, you can receive some extra cash to make a Lucky 15 bet without risking your own money. Of course, make sure to T&Cs apply. Make sure to read the full T&Cs before you sign up so that you can rest easy knowing that a site is legitimate.



You don’t have to be a pro to place a Lucky 15 bet. They are a thrilling alternative to simple one-way bets and can act as a gateway to more complex sports betting. Now that you understand how these popular bets work, you can start pressing your luck confidently!