Super Heinz Flag Bet

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The Super Heinz Flag Bet Explained

The Super Heinz Flag bet is not for the faint of heart. This monster wager requires the punter to make a total of 162 bets of numerous types. The bet is complicated and expensive to make, but it can reward punters with a sizable return. Here is everything you need to know about the Super Heinz Flag Bet.


What Is It and How Does A Super Heinz Flag Bet Work?

This wager is properly categorized as a combination wager. The stake for the bet is spread over seven different betting events. The individual bets required to make the Super Heinz are:

21 Doubles
35 Trebles
35 Fourfolds
21 Fivefolds
7 Sixfold bets
1 Seven-fold
21 Up-and-Down Single Stakes

To the novice punter the above sequence probably seems very complicated. A simpler explanation is that the punter must make selections in seven different events. At least two of the punter’s choices must win in order for the player to receive a return. The return increases with each correct selection. Getting all seven right means that the punter will receive a windfall return that can easily total in the thousands.

The Heinz bet types are named after the famous Heinz company. The company’s hallmark was a campaign featuring 57 different brands of pickles. The basic Heinz requires 57 bets.


How To Calculate Winnings

The Super Heinz Flag Bet is a difficult bet to create. You may find that you need help marking a bet slip for this wager. It can also be difficult to calculate the price of a Super Heinz and the potential return. Punters are advised to use a Super Heinz Flag calculator to insure accuracy.

A Super Heinz Flag bet calculator can be found on our ultimate betting calculator page. Using the calculator is simple, and the punter only needs to enter in basic information such as the type of odds or odds format being used, the odds given, and the total stake. A simple click of a button returns the relevant information about the cost and total return of the Super Heinz.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

It will be somewhat helpful to give a basic example of how a Super Heinz Flag Bet might play out on any given betting day. We will keep things simple by using horse racing to illustrate. On a racing day at Newmarket Racecourse the punter begins by selecting seven different horses to win seven races. All of the required bets are made to complete the Super Heinz.

Two of the punter’s seven selections will need to win for the punter to receive a return. This is accomplished with the inclusion of the Double bets in the Heinz. Likewise, if three of the punter’s choices are winners a return will be earned because the Super Heinz includes multiple Trebles.

To win any of the accumulators that have been made with the Super Heinz, at least four of the punter’s choices must be correct. This is when the punter begins to achieve a significant return on their investment. The seven-fold accumulator only pays the punter when all of the selections win their events.


Why Make A Super Heinz Flag Bet?

Most punters are very straightforward about their reasons for making this bet. The Super Heinz can offer the possibility of large profits. Experienced punters who have extensive knowledge of the sport that they are betting on make this bet to achieve a massive return.

Those who have a sizable bankroll might also want to bet the Super Heinz. This is especially true if a group of seven events seem to offer clear winning choices. Of course, not all of the punter’s selections have to win. Just two winning choices will provide a return, but the big money is reserved for the lucky punter who gets every selection right.


What’s the Difference Between a Super Heinz Flag Bet and Another?

The main difference between a Super Heinz and other types of bets is its enormous size. There is simply no comparison with simple bets like a Single Bet, Doubles, and Treble bet. Those bets only require selections from two or three events. The Super Heinz Flag bet demands perfection in seven total events.

This makes the bet only slightly less complicated than the massive Goliath flag, a bet which also requires over one hundred separate bets. The Yankee bet and Super Yankee are also types of multiple or combination bets, but these are less complex than the Super Heinz. Likewise with the Trixie, Lucky 15, Canadian, Union Jack, and Round Robin.

Cost is another dividing factor when it comes to the total stake by type of bet. It costs a significant amount of money to make a Super Flag. There is also more risk to be taken by the punter.


What Sports Work Well With a Super Heinz Flag Bet?

Most punters like to use the Super Heinz in events like horse racing. The reason is that each racing day offers an appropriate number of events for the Heinz. There must be a total of seven contests in the sequence. In horse racing these events will generally take place consecutively at the same track on the same day.

Football and Premier League matches can also be excellent opportunities for the Heinz bet. There are often enough matches on a given weekend to use for the bet. One need only have enough events to provide seven different selections to make the Super Heinz Flag Bet.


Best Sites To Place a Super Heinz Flag Bet On

There are many online betting sites that offer the Super Heinz Flag Bet. Three of the top choices are Betfair, Bet365, and Ladbrokes. Each bookmaker has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the player to choose the one that offers the best betting situations.

Bookmakers often provide incentives to new players. You could receive a free bet just for signing up with some of the UK’s more popular bookies. Always check the promotions before you decide where to make a bet.

Another thing to look for are bookmakers that have a mobile app for betting. These apps allow punters to bet with a mobile device. This makes for more convenient access.



Excitement and betting action are the hallmarks of the Super Heinz Flag Bet. This is a very large and complex wager with a number of selections that is expensive to make. It is not a bet that is recommended for the novice player. Only experienced punters should take a stab at the Super Heinz.

For those who complete the sequence and win all of the bets in a Super Heinz, the payouts can be astronomical. Any bookie would fear the punter who knows how to win with the Super Heinz Flag Bet.