The Best Betting Tipsters – How To Find The Best And Avoid The Bad – 2021

The world of sports betting can be an exciting one to step into. Nothing beats the thrill of making a bet you’re confident in. And if you’re lucky enough to make the right choices, the feeling of reaping your rewards is second to none!

That said, sports betting is far more complex than most think. To truly succeed in the betting arena, you need to be as informed as possible. Having the right information and tips is what separates novice bettors from successful ones.

So how do punters gather the information they need to bet confidently?

They turn to a tipster.

The best betting tipsters can provide you with potentially valuable information. Of course, there are no guarantees in sports betting. But, a tipster can give you the knowledge to make a sound decision and increase your odds of winning.

Like making a bet, finding the right tipster to work with is no easy task. Not all information is reliable information. Anyone can call themselves a tipster and rope people into taking their advice. To avoid the pitfalls of working with a bad tipster, you need to familiarize yourself with the tipster industry and learn how to distinguish the good from the bad! In this tipster betting guide, we’re going to show you how.


What is a Tipster?

First things first, let’s clear a few things up.

Tipsters are individuals who regularly provide advice on betting markets. They can give you some tips on the likely outcomes of sporting events. You can find tipsters for horse racing, greyhound races, football betting, and more.

While it sounds dubious, it’s perfectly legal to work with a tipster. Tipsters don’t have any “insider” information or shady dealings. Rather, they understand the sport and follow it closely. Seasoned tipsters will know the ins and outs of the sport they specialize in. They spend their time researching players, tracking performance, and more. Think of them as betting experts looking to share their knowledge.


Why Do I Need One?

Whether you’re looking for football tipsters or horse racing tipsters, the service they provide is an important one. Tipsters give you cold hard facts.

Most of us don’t have the connections or time to learn about players. Even if you’re a devoted fan, you’re not going to know more than a tipster. They’re experts in the field and should be viewed as a valuable source of knowledge for their sport.

Not only that, but Tipsters don’t let personal opinions get in the way of the tips they provide. As a fan of a sport, you’re going to have some personal biases. Tipsters can help you look beyond your inclinations to make decisions that benefit you.

Once punters find a tipster they can trust, they stick with them! Having reliable information can potentially increase your chances of winning. As a result, your long-term profits can improve!


Finding the Best Tipsters

Selecting a reliable tipster to work with is crucial. Unlike bookmakers, there’s not a ton of regulation that mandates how tipsters operate. As a result, there are a lot of unscrupulous agents out there looking to take advantage of new bettors.

Here are some ways that you can sift through the market and find a tipster you can trust.


Do Your Research

We can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research when choosing a tipster. Never take anything for face value!

Like we said earlier, anyone can claim to have beneficial information for bettors. Tipsters have something that every bettor wants. With the right marketing, sketchy tipsters can draw in inexperienced punters without any substantial information to bring to the table.

You can’t just take their word for it. You’re not making free bets here! When there’s real money on the line, you need to be vigilant about finding out as much information about a tipster that you can.

We live in the Internet Age, so learning more about a potential tipster isn’t hard. Figure out who this person is and try to connect with others who may have worked with them. Ask around your betting circles and see if others have had a positive experience. You’d be surprised at what kinds of things come to light by simply asking around.


Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Real tipsters will not have a problem answering questions about their operation. If a tipster is a bit hesitant, take that as a red flag.

Ask the potential tipster about their experience in the field. Most tipsters aren’t going to give away secrets about how they get information or what they do to provide advice. You’ll have to pay their fee for that! But, you can ask broad questions to learn more about how the tipster works.

What staking system do they use? How long have they been a tipster? Do they have any references that can vouch for their service?

It might seem like overkill, but asking questions can make all the difference. Remember: It’s your money on the line, not theirs. Use the information they provide to get a better idea of what the tipster has to offer. Also, cross-reference with the results of your own research. if things don’t line up, you may be looking at a scam.


Analyze Track Records

Any legitimate tipster will have strike rates for you to look at. Essentially, a strike rate is a scoring system that gives you a better idea of a tipster’s track record. It should reflect stakes, earnings, and losses.

Strike rates will show you how often the tipster made correct scores.

Again, don’t take anything for face value. It’s not difficult to fudge strike rates. Tipsters can remove bets or inflate odds to make things look better than they really are. Unfortunately, this type of dishonesty rarely gets checked.

Take some time to monitor the tipster’s track record on your own. You can create your own database or use a simple spreadsheet. Record the value of every tip and make note of earnings and losses. Using this information, you can figure out the tipster’s overall percentage of correct scores.

Do this over a considerable stretch of time. Tipsters go through periods of success and periods of failures. You want to look for a tipster who has sustained success, so you must continually monitor results over several months. If you only use a short period of sampling, you may get inaccurate results due to a hot streak!

If there are any major differences between your own findings and the tipster’s strike rate, you’ll be able to spot them and move on.



Communication is the key to a successful bettor and tipster relationship. Your tipster should be able to communicate why they are providing their advice and how they came to that conclusion.

This is what separates scam artists from the real deal. Scam tipsters will only tell you what footy team to choose or which horse to bet on. What’s stopping them from just naming a random choice? Some sketchy tipsters may also try to obscure certain choices to find value when completing accumulator bets or other complex wagers.

Tipsters should be able to provide some clear advice. Their tips should be thought-out and reasonable. If a tipster isn’t able to tell you why you should make a specific choice, it likely means that they don’t have any real reason at all.

You’re entitled to ask questions. Communicate with your tipster and get as much information as you can.


What Are They Getting Out of All of This?

Last, but not least, you need to determine what a tipster is getting out of the relationship. This is a big factor to think about. Intention is everything in this business! Tipsters can make money in many different ways. Figure out the tipster’s business model to get a better understanding of their intentions.

Ultimately, the ideal tipster will be one that’s working to benefit you. Some will provide advice to help themselves or earn money for another third party. In those cases, the information they provide isn’t reliable.

Tipsters should be giving you the upper hand. If you can’t figure out what a tipster is getting out of the relationship, it’s best to move on and find someone else.

One of the easiest ways to separate good tipsters from bad ones is to look at fees. There are some free tipsters out there. Not all free football tip providers are scammers. But, you have to think about why they’re providing advice for free. What are they getting out of it? There’s a good chance that free tipsters are working with a third-party and making profit from your loss.

Paid tipsters are easy enough to understand. They’re getting a small fee to provide information. It’s an equal exchange of goods that benefits both parties.


Red Flags to Avoid

If you do your research and dive deep to find out what a tipster has to offer, you’ll learn how to avoid potential scam artists. But, there’s still one type of tipster that many people still fall prey to: The affiliated tipster.

Affiliated tipsters are those who work for a bookmaker. Again, not all affiliated tipsters are bad. But a vast majority will benefit if you lose!

You see, bookmakers will work with tipsters to attract new customers. These tipsters will then use some clever marketing techniques to lure inexperienced punters in. You’ve probably seen some on social media.

Tipsters will create post after post about sign-up offers and deals. They’re basically walking billboards for a bookmaker. You might even see them teasing tips just to get you to sign up.

The thing is, these tipsters make money every time you sign up with a bookmaker. Many will even take a percentage of your losses. All of a sudden, the tipster has a major conflict of interest. If they’re making money when you lose a bet, why would they give you good advice? It’s in their best interests to make you lose.

Affiliated tipsters are a major red flag that you want to approach with caution. Do your research and check out those strike rates. Learn more about the tipster’s affiliations and operations to ensure that you’re not getting taken advantage of for a measly commission.


The Best Sports Betting Tipster

There’s no shortage of individual tipsters and larger services. All of them are vying for your dollar. But, you’ll quickly find that most of them are not up to snuff.

One tipster site worth trying out is

Tipstrr is a unique platform that connects you with a wide range of betting experts. You can get access to information from the top tipsters in the game. The site has tipsters who specialize in everything from Premier League tournaments to horse racing. There are even tipsters for lesser-used sportsbook events, such as e-sports or golf.

If you sign up using this link, you’ll get a welcome bonus.

The best thing about Tipstrr is that all the information you need is right there in front of you. All of the tipsters have their betting tips monitored. You can find out strike rates instantly. This makes it easy to find a profitable tipster. The site even provides an ROI percentage for quick searching.

The platform does require a paid subscription. But, the peace of mind the service offers is well worth the investment. Plus, you do get some free content. Several tipsters offer free betting tips. Meanwhile, the in-house Tipstrr team provides at least one free tip every day.

Tipstrr is a great site for both seasoned and novice punters. Those who are new to sports betting can find a ton of educational resources. You can get honest reviews about bookies, learn how to spot betting scams, and find new betting strategies. There’s even a glossary to learn about common terminologies like Acca and Goliath.

Overall, Tipstrr is a safe bet if you’re looking for tipsters. It’s a virtually risk-free platform that connects you with some of the most reliable tipsters in the business. What more could you want?



Tipster services can change your betting game. But, you must find the best ones to work with first. There’s a lot of scam artists and untrustworthy tipsters out there. Use our tips to avoid them at all costs.

The best football tipsters are going to have your best interests in mind. They will offer up some valuable advice that you can use to improve your bottom dollar.

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