Double Stakes About Bet

The Double Stakes About bet is a favorite of many UK punters. It is a wager that allows the smart player to take a shot at additional betting profits by using the winnings from one bet to increase the stake on another. Also known as a DSA, the Double Stakes About can be used by both the experienced player and the newcomer to horse and sports betting.


What Is It and How Does A Double Stakes About Bet Work?

A Double Stakes About bet is strictly classified as a bet type called an Up-and-Down. It is technically a multiple wager because it involves more than one selection and more than one betting event, but it is simpler to make than some other multiple wagers. There is no complex accumulator to contend with.

The bet requires a Single bet placed on each of two betting choices. If the first choice wins, the punter then doubles the stake on the second selection. It is a simple betting strategy that can be repeated over and over again. A loss in either event ends the wager and requires the punter to begin anew.


How To Calculate Winnings

An advantage of the Double Stakes About bet is its simplicity. One only needs to know the amount of the original stake and the odds being given by the bookmaker to calculate the total profit and cost.

An even easier way to calculate winnings is with a Double Stakes About bet calculator. Many online racebooks and sportsbooks offer these calculators for free. All the punter has to do is enter in some very basic information such as the odds format and unit stake and click a button. The desired information is then displayed.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

A basic example of how the Double Stakes About bet works can clarify the wager and potential payoff. Let’s assume that the punter wishes to make the DSA on a horse racing contest. Horses A and B are chosen as the betting selections.

The first thing to know is that no return is achieved if both A and B lose. If both of the choices win, a second stake is placed on both horses to multiply the rate of return. If the first selection wins, a double stake is placed on B. If B loses, the punter still earns a return on A.


Why Make A Double Stakes About Bet?

The Double Stakes About bet is appealing to many types of punters. The simplicity of the wager makes it a good choice for someone new to betting. It only requires two selections and two events. Everything is calculated for the player and there is no complicated bet slip to manage.

The experienced punter should make the DSA because it offers the chance to make a very large return in exchange for a minimal investment. The total return to a player on this type of bet is more than the punter would receive if a Single bet was placed on each betting choice.


What’s the Difference Between a Double Stakes About Bet and Another?

There are some significant differences between the Double Stakes About bet and other bet types. Unlike a Single bet or straight wager, the DSA involves two selections and two betting events. It can also be more expensive and require a larger investment than a Single bet, but the potential returns are greater.

A Double Stakes About bet is much less complex than a Round Robin, Goliath, Super Heinz, Yankee, or Super Flag. It is also much less expensive than these other bet types or even Trebles.


What Sports Work Well With a Double Stakes About Bet?

One of the most popular sports choices for the DSA bet is horse racing. Racing events work well because there are multiple races offered in a single day from the same race track.

It is also possible to make a Double Stakes About bet on football matches and Premier League contests. Any sport that offers different events on the same day can be used. Most bookmakers will require that the bet be placed on the same type of events.


Best Sites To Place a Double Stakes About Bet On

Choosing an online bookmaker for the Double Stakes About bet is a simple matter. Almost all bookies will offer this bet to their customers. That includes popular bookmakers like Ladbrokes, Bet365, and Betfair. Since the bet is common, the punter’s choice of a bookmaker can come down to the perks offered for signing up.

Some online bookmakers will give the new customer a free bet. Others may offer a matching deposit bonus when the punter makes their first real money deposit. It is always a good idea to check the promotions and the terms and conditions of such before signing up with a bookie.

Another thing to look for are mobile betting platforms. Many punters prefer bookmakers that offer mobile applications for phones and tablets.



Those looking for a simple bet that offers a decent chance at large winnings should consider the Double Stakes About bet. It is not a complicated bet to make, and it does not require a large investment.

The DSA forms a comfortable bridge between the Single stakes bet and the more exotic multiple wagers that have a higher potential reward.