What Is A Yankee Bet

Neal Merchant

The Yankee Bet Explained

Yankee bets are one of the most popular combination bets there is! Used by new and experienced bettors alike, it’s a great way to test your luck while increasing your odds of earning a return.

The concept behind a Yankee bet may seem complicated to those who aren’t in the know. But, it’s considered to be one of the more accessible combination bets. It has low total stakes requirements and is versatile enough to work for many sports.

As always, it’s important to understand how a bet works before you start putting down real money. In this guide, we’re going to go over the details of the Yankee bet. We’ll dive a bit deeper into what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to your advantage.


What is a Yankee Bet?

Yankee bets aren’t as complicated as many people think. The best way to look at this bet is to view it as a package. Like all combination bets, the Yankee bet is nothing more than multiple wagers grouped under one umbrella bet.

Combination bets are nothing new to sports betting. They have been around for ages and offer up several new ways to win. Many novice punters avoid combination bets like the Yankee because they are viewed as high-risk. In reality, they’re quite the opposite!

With a traditional single bet, your odds are fixed and stagnate. Let’s say that you’re betting on a football match. The match can only go one of two ways. Either your selected team wins or they don’t. Your odds are an even 50/50!

While that simple win/lose scenario is much more approachable than something more complicated, it doesn’t work in your favor. With a combination like the Yankee bet, you’re covering far more potential outcomes. This increases the likelihood of seeing a return.

The Yankee bet is pretty modest. It only includes 11 total bets. Those bets involve four selections from four different events. This could be a series of game matches or races.


How Does a Yankee Bet Work?

To get a good understanding of how the Yankee bet works, you need to take a closer look at the separate bet types it includes. The 11 bets in a Yankee bet are:

6 double bets
4 treble bets
1 four-fold accumulator

Double Bets

When you make a double bet, you’re wagering on two selections at once. Whether you win or lose depends entirely on how those selections perform. These selections that you back aren’t going to come from a single event. So, you might choose one horse to win the first race and another to win the second. Those two selections are tied to a single double bet.

The tricky part of doubles is that both of your selections have to win for you to see a return. It’s not an “either way goes” kind of situation. No double heats or ties are allowed. Both selection wins are needed. The good news is that you can cover all your bases. The Yankee bet includes six doubles.

Treble Bets

Trebles operate on the same principles as doubles. However, these wagers rely on the performance of three selections rather than two. Say that you’re betting on games of the Premier League. You might choose the winner of three separate matches. All three of those selections will be a part of your treble bet.

Like doubles, all of your selections have to win. These bets do have higher risks. Even if two of your selections come out victorious, you will still lose the bet! The Yankee bet includes four trebles.

Four-Fold Accumulator

Finally, we have the accumulator. Accumulators sound different from the previous bets we went over, but they’re virtually the same. Accumulator bets are nothing more than bets that include four selections or more.

This is, by far, the toughest bet type of the bunch. All four of your selections need to win to get a payout. While the odds are much lower than this will happen over a double, it does come with greater rewards.


How to Calculate Your Winnings from a Yankee Bet

Compared to other combination bets, Yankee bets are simple. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no complex math involved! Calculating your potential returns on your own is a tall order. You have to consider several factors. This includes unit stakes, the total stake, your odds, and more. You could take a stab figuring this out with pen and paper. But, we prefer using a bet calculator.

A Yankee bet calculator will take care of those difficult equations for you. All you need to do is input the values. You can use the calculator to figure out how much you want to bet. Or, you can use it to see how much your bookmaker owes you. Whatever the case may be, calculators are efficient and easy to use. They update instantly, ensuring that you always know what you’re in for.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

Earlier, we mentioned that combination vets like the Yankee can cover more potential outcomes than a single bet. It’s the reason why combination bets are so widespread with punters. Why lose all your money on a single pick when you could wager on different eventualities?

Let’s break this down. Say that you bet on the outcome of a horse race. After choosing your four selections and submitting your bet slip, you sit down to watch the race. Only three out of your four selections are victorious. You might come out alright if you placed single bets. But, you could have earned much more with a Yankee bet!

With Yankee bets, you’re preparing for all possible eventualities. Even if all of your horses didn’t win, there’s a good chance that you wagered on the right combination. Those three horses were likely covered by your trebles. Even if only two horses win, you can fall back on the doubles.

These bets allow you to accurately predict every possible outcome. The inclusion of doubles and singles allows you to create winning combinations each time. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to make a big win. But, it can increase the odds that you’re getting at least some of your initial total stake back.


Variations of the Yankee Bet

Yankee bets are already pretty safe. However, you can make them even safer by looking into some of the variations of the bet. One of the most common is an each-way Yankee bet.

Each-way bets are a unique wager that’s often used in race evens. The bet is designed to increase your odds significantly. You’ll make the highest return if your selection wins the top price and gets first place. But, your bet is not automatically a loser if they don’t. With each-way bets, it’s considered a win if your selection places somewhere in the top.

Placing an each-way Yankee bet is effectively doubling the number of wagers you’re making. Not only are you doing the doubles, trebles, and four-fold, but you’re also adding the each-way stipulation. This brings up your total number of bets to 22.


Why Make a Yankee Bet?

Yankee bets are definitely worth exploring. Ultimately, it all comes down to increased odds. Nothing is guaranteed when you’re betting on sports events. But, a Yankee bet does increase your chances of winning something. Thanks to the use of double and trebles, there are far more eventualities covered than a single bet.

It’s worth noting that winning the doubles or trebles doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to leaving in the green. To turn a profit, most of your selections will need to win. That said, you can reduce the amount of money you lose. You’ll likely win back some of your total stake.

Speaking of stakes, Yankee bets are relatively affordable compared to other combinations. The bet costs more than a single one-way bet. Though, it’s far more accessible than other options. For example, say that the original unit stake is only £1. In total, your bet would only cost you £11.


What’s the Difference Between a Yankee Bet and Other Combination Bets?

The Yankee bet is certainly not the only combination bet you can place. The sports betting world is filled with them! In fact, it’s easy to confuse the Yankee bet with some similar alternatives.

One bet that many novice punters mistake the Yankee bet for is the Lucky 15 bet. Lucky 15 bets also include four selections and use the same bet combination as the Yankee bet. But, Lucky 15 bets are full-cover bets. They have the addition of four single bets to increase your odds even further.

You may also encounter Trixie bets or Super Yankee bets. The former is a smaller bet that uses three selections and contains four bets. The latter is a riskier version of the Yankee bet. It bumps up the number selection to five, resulting in 26 individual bets!

Ultimately, the difference between combination bets comes down to the number of wagers you’re making. There are smaller options than the Yankee bet. There are also massive ones, too. Take the Goliath bet for example. It has 303 individual bets!


What Sports Work Well with Yankee Bets?

Yankee bets can be placed on a wide variety of sports. Bookies will accept them for football games, tennis matches, and more. They’re quite popular among the racing community. Whether it’s car races, horse races, or dog races, Yankee bets are a great choice. The larger pool of selections allows you to get more bang for your buck.


Best Sites to Place a Yankee Bet

Betting sites are plentiful these days. They are a great alternative to traditional booking establishments. Online bookmakers operate the same way as in-person ones do. So, you can expect all of the same options. The best betting sites will offer a wide range of combination bets to choose from, including Yankee bets.

Here are some notable betting sites regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

888 Sport
Mansion Bet
Swish Bet

We recommend taking a look at several sites. Many bookies offer free bets for new customers. You can use that free betting money to test the waters and familiarize yourself with Yankee bets.


All in all, Yankee betting is something that every punter needs to try out. Whether you’re new to the scene or not, the combination bet has a lot to offer. Not only is it accessible and relatively easy to understand, but it’s less risky than some other options.