What Is A Trixie Bet?

trixie bet

Neal Merchant

The Trixie has long been a popular UK bet to make on horse racing. It can be used on a few other types of sports, but race horse betting still accounts for most Trixie bets. This multiple wager is one in which four different bets on three betting choices are merged together as one bet. The Trixie is popular among punters because it allows the player to bet a little for the chance to win a lot.


What Is It and How Does A Trixie Bet Work?

The Trixie is a type of multiple bet that has been used by smart punters for many years to increase profits at horse race betting. To make a Trixie bet the punter places a total of four bets on three different betting choices. The potential profits of a Trixie bet are often more attractive than those achieved by making single wagers on the same betting choices.

A Trixie isn’t like many other accumulator wagers. The punter only has to have two out of three of the choices correct to make a return. The individual bets that must be placed are:

Three Doubles
One Treble

There are rules to making a Trixie bet. The first rule is that the punter cannot choose two different outcomes in a single event. Only one selection per event can be made. There is also no Trixie wagering on events of different types. In other words, a Trixie bet must be made on either horse racing or football. Punters cannot mix the two.

The total stake that you choose to wager on each individual event is multiplied by four because there are a total of four bets being made. So, a £1 Trixie is actually going to cost £4.


How To Calculate Winnings

The return on a Trixie bet can be generous depending upon the size of one’s wager. What the wager returns to the punter is determined by the number of choices that are correct and the odds offered on each betting selection. The winnings are only calculated based on the three Doubles and one Treble wager that have been made by the player.

It is possible to get an accurate estimation of the total payout on a Trixie by using a Trixie bet calculator. These calculators are offered by almost all online bookmakers, and they can be used for free to craft a Trixie bet slip. Using a bet calculator is recommended because it is always accurate.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

To understand more clearly how a Trixie bet is played, here is an example. In this case we will assume that the punter has chosen three horse races as betting events. The player now chooses a horse from each event to win. These are horses A, B, and C.

The individual bets are:

A Double on Horses A and B
A Double on Horses B and C
A Double on Horses A and C
A Treble on Horses A, B, and C

As you can see by this example, the punter is guaranteed a return if just two of the chosen horses win. To claim the entire wager, however, all three horses must win their events.


Why Make A Trixie Bet?

With many accumulator bet types the punter needs to be right on every selection. These types of bets are an all-or-nothing proposition. The Trixie stands in contrast to other accumulators. It can produce a return for the player even when one of the chosen horses or teams fails to win. This amounts to a better chance for the player, so punters choose this wager when they want to minimize exposure and risk.

Making a Trixie wager can be a little more expensive than some other bet types, but the chance at a decent return is good. Still, this is a bet that is recommended for players that have an adequate bankroll.


What’s the Difference Between a Trixie Bet and Another?

The Trixie is similar to some other types of multiple wagers. Specifically, it resembles a bet known as the Patent. The main difference between the two of these is that the Patent bet adds three Single bets to the bet slip.

Trixies are less expensive than a massive combination bet such as the Goliath, but they cost more than making a straight wager or single bet.

Each bet type has its strengths and weaknesses. The primary strength of a Trixie as compared to other bets is its potential for profit. Punters need only be correct on three selections. Some other types of combination wagers demand that the player get six or more selections correct.


What Sports Work Well With a Trixie Bet

Horse racing is the sport that works best with a Trixie bet, by far. For a while the Trixie bet was reserved solely for horse racing. Today, many bookmakers offer Trixies on other contests as well.

Premier League events can offer opportunities to place this bet. So can American football games. It is up to the individual bookmaker which sports will qualify as Trixie candidates. Bookies don’t like competition, though, so most will tend to follow one another when offering wagers.


Best Sites To Place a Trixie Bet On

Punters looking for an online racebook that offers Trixie betting are in luck. Almost every bookie is willing to offer this type of wager. With that being said, some online sportsbooks are preferred over others for this type of bet.

Betfair is an online bookmaker than has a strong focus on horse racing. This bookie was one of the first to offer exchange betting on horses in the UK, and the company maintains ownership in a horse racing TV network.

Another good choice for the punter who likes a Trixie is Ladbrokes. This bookie is one of the oldest in the UK, and punters can always count on the best odds and promotions. Bet365 is also suitable, and the new player may be able to claim a free bet when they sign up with this online bookmaker.

All of these online sportsbooks offer mobile betting with a phone or tablet, and all have convenient deposit methods as well as a good reputation for quick withdrawals.



If you are the kind of punter that has a knack for picking multiple winners on a single day, the Trixie bet can maximize your winnings. You don’t even have to make a large stake to score decent profits with a Trixie.

Still, the Trixie bet does require more thought and preparation than some other bet types. It may be more than the novice punter wants to tackle.