What Is A Lucky 63 Bet?

Neal Merchant

The Lucky 63 bet explained

Looking to press your luck on something a bit more complex than a single one-way bet? When most punters start their journey in the world of sports betting, they stick to simple wagers. They’re viewed as the safer option compared to high-stakes alternatives. However, more complicated combination bets have a lot to offer.

Combination bets can increase your chances of winning some type of return. Plus, they offer bigger potential payouts and thrilling sportsbook experience.

One popular combination bet you can try out is the Lucky 63. Lucky 63 bets cover a wide range of eventualities, allowing you to win even if some of your selections lose.

In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know about the Lucky 63 bet. Our goal is to make this wager a little less intimidating so that you have the confidence you need to give it try.


What is a Lucky 63 Bet?

The Lucky 63 bet is a unique type of wager. It falls under the umbrella of combination bets. Many newer punters steer clear of combination bets because of their perceived difficulty. While it’s true that these bets do have higher stakes, they’re not nearly as complicated as many think.

Combination bets are nothing more than a collection of smaller bets encompassed into one package. They are a way for you to bet on many different ways on the same events and selections.

The Lucky 63 falls under a smaller subcategory of the combination bet umbrella. They are known as full-cover bets. Basically, this means that the bet includes all potential bets based on the number of selection it offers.

When you place a Lucky 63 bet, the number of bets you’re actually making is 63. These bets involve six selections for six different events. For example, you may choose one winner for a series of six horse races. Or, you could choose a winner for six games out of a football cup tournament.


How Does a Lucky 63 Bet Work?

Placing a Lucky 63 bet is easier than you would think. While you do need to take some time filling out your bet slip and making strategic selections, it’s not hard to do. The key to understanding how Lucky 63 bets works is to understand how the separate bet types work.

For the Lucky 63 bet, you’re going to be making the following wagers:

6 single bets
15 double bets
20 treble bets
15 four-fold accumulators
6 five-fold accumulators
1 six-fold accumulator


Single Bets

Single bets are the easiest to win. The addition of singles is what makes a Lucky 63 bet a full-cover bet. Basically, these are simple one-way bets with a single selection. While the Lucky 63 bet involves six different selections, your singles are only going to deal with one each.

These bets can either go one of two ways. Either your selection wins or they lose. You get a total of six single bets here, so it’s easy to plan for some kind of return. Most bettors will use one of their single bets for each of their selections.


Double Bets

Double bets take things a bit further in terms of difficulty. While they’re still relatively easy to win compared to some other wagers out there, they do have a unique stipulation. With a double bet, you must choose two selections over two events. But here’s the kicker: both of those selections need to win!

You can have a dead-heat. To win the bet, both of your choices need to come out on top. There are no exceptions. You get 15 doubles in the Lucky 63.


Treble Bets

The treble bets are most prevalent in the Lucky 63 bet. You get 20 of them, which is more than any other kind of wager in the combo. With the trebles, you’re making three selections across different events. Like the double, every single one of those selections needs to be victorious for you to win the bet.

You can’t have a single selection win or even two selection wins. All three must be winners.


Four-Fold Accumulators

Acculumators have the same concepts as doubles and trebles. They sound like different wagers, but accumulators are nothing more than a term. It refers to wagers with four or more selections.

As you can guess, four-folds include four out of your six selections. You get 15 of them in the Lucky 63 bet. Like the previous wagers, all of your choices must win.


Five-Fold Accumulators

Next up, we have the five-fold. With a five-fold, you must choose five selections. As always, they all need to win for you to make a return. This is one of the more challenging wagers to win. But, it does come with the possibility of big rewards if you make the right choices. The Lucky 63 comes with six five-fold accumulators.


Six-Fold Accumulator

Last, but certainly not least, we have your six-fold accumulator. This one utilizes all six selections. As a result, you only have one in the Lucky 63 bet. This is, by far, the most difficult selection to win. However, it’s going to provide you with the biggest possible reward.


How to Calculate Your Winnings from a Lucky 63 Bet?

Whether you’ve already won or you’re simply interested in seeing the possible payouts of your wager, a bet calculator can get the job done. It’s always a good idea to do some math before you sink real money into your wager. However, sportsbook betting can get complicated very quickly.

There are far too many factors to think about when you’re doing the calculations yourself. This is especially true with bigger combination bets like the Lucky 63. You have 63 individual bets to figure out! On top of that, there’s the odds format, unit stakes, and more to consider.

A Lucky 63 bet calculator takes the frustration out of placing a bet. You can figure out the potential winnings by simply inputting your information. The calculator can be modified on the fly, making it easy to stay on top of things as you play.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

The biggest misconception about combination bets is that they are riskier. In reality, it’s all about how you look at the game. A wager like the Lucky 63 bet will indeed cost you more upfront. But, there’s also a greater chance of earning a return.

Let me explain.

With a simple one way bet, your odds are split evenly. There’s a 50 percent chance that you’re going to win and a 50 percent chance that you’re going to lose. While the total stake may not be as much, the statistics simply don’t work in your favor.

When you place a Lucky 63 bet, things are a bit different. Your odds of winning will depend on many different things. But you have to remember that you’re placing 63 individual bets. While the chances of hitting that elusive six-fold accumulator are low, you still have the other bets you can win.

So, say that you’re betting on the outcome of the Premier League. Four out of your six selections come out on top. You didn’t win the big prize. But, you still won something!

That’s because the Lucky 63 bet covered more potential outcomes. Chances are, you won a four-fold accumulator, treble, double, and several singles. Your potential returns could be pretty impressive.

Now, it does take several wins to be truly profitable with a Lucky 63 bet. In most cases, you will need to win three or four to break even. But that’s far better than walking away with nothing at all. Even if one or two of your choices are victorious, you will be earning your money back.

Ultimately, the way Lucky 63 works to increase your chances of walking away with some kind of return. The bet covers more eventualities, making it a safer bet than a simpler alternative.


Why Make a Lucky 63 Bet?

The biggest reason why punters of all skill levels go with a Lucky 63 bet is that it’s safer. As we mentioned earlier, it covers more potential outcomes. It could be the difference between walking away empty-handed and walking away with some of your money back.

These bets offer that thrill of sports betting while still giving you some peace of mind to fall on. Of course, a “sure thing” in sports betting is nonexistent. But, something like the 63 gets pretty close.

High-risk players also love the Lucky 63 bet because of the potential to win big. With a combo bet of 63 individual wagers, there are several opportunities to get a generous payout. It’s important to remember that your upfront investment will be more sizable than simpler wagers. While you may only be paying a unit stake of £1, your total stake will be £63.

But, with big risks comes big rewards. Let’s say that you do a unit stake of £1 on a horse racing event. Each horse is priced at 4.00. All you need to break-even and come out with a small amount of cash is to get three selection wins. So, what if you are lucky and all six choices win? Well, you’d earn a total profit of more than £15,500! Needless to say, that’s a lot of cash out of a total stake of merely £63!


Are There Any Variants of the Lucky 63 Bet?

The Lucky 63 bet is already pretty safe to begin with. However, punters looking to play things even safe can choose an each-way Lucky 63.

This variant transforms every single one of the individual bets into an each-way bet. Basically, each-way bets cover even more eventualities than before. They are two-part bets that cover two different scenarios. There’s the win part, which means that you’re wagering on the fact that your selection comes in first place. Then, there’s the place part. The place part is when you put money on your selection getting into one of the top spots. This could be second, third, or fourth place depending on the bookmaker.

Each-way Lucky 63 bets do cost more. You’re taking those 63 bets and doubling them, resulting in a total wager count of 126! But, you are increasing your chances of earning a return even more.


What’s the Difference Between a Lucky 63 Bet and Other Combination Bets?

Lucky 63 bets are only one of many different combination bets you can try out. There’s the Trixie, the Yankee, the Super Yankee, the Heinz, the Goliath Flag, and much more. The different bets are all comprised of multiple smaller bets. However, the primary difference is the number of selections and the total wagers.

The most common bets that people confuse the Lucky 63 bet with are the Lucky 15 and the Lucky 31. These bets belong in the same family and are all full-cover bets. However, the Lucky 31 bet deals with only five selections while the Lucky 15 only deals with three. The Lucky 63 bet is the biggest of the bunch.


What Sports Work Well with the Lucky 63 Bet?

Lucky 63 bets are most commonly used with horse races. They must be used with sports games that have multiple events. You can place the bet on football matches, tennis games, and pretty much any other sport out there. However, it needs to cover larger multi-match events, such as the Premier League or World Cup.


Best Sites to Place a Lucky 63 Bet On

Online bookmakers have completely revolutionized the sports betting world. You don’t even have to attend an event or visit a bookie in person to place your bets! These sites are convenient and usually accept complex combination bets like the Lucky 63. Do a bit of research to see what kinds of sporting events they cover. You may even find free bets or other incentives for new customers, which is a bit plus.

Here are some of the biggest online betting sites to try out.

Paddy Power
888 Sports



Lucky 63 bets aren’t as scary as most people make them out to be. In fact, once you fully understand what these wagers entail, they start to make a lot more sense than simpler bets. With more opportunities to win and the chance to earn bigger payouts, they are very enticers to a wide range of punters. Now that you know how they work, press your luck and see how fun they can be for yourself!