What are the best sites for betting on football?

With so many people betting on football throughout the UK, every online bookmaker will have special offers to entice new and returning customers.

As there are so many promotions, however, choosing the best bookmaker is a tricky task. While some bookmakers will have better offers for new customers, some might have better ones for returning customers.

Let’s explore some of the best betting sites to bet on football in the UK, but first, here is a short summary if you are short on time:

Best football accumulators:

Best money back specials:
Paddy Power

Best weekly loyalty bets:


When choosing which site you want to bet with, there are several factors that you should consider, including:

  • Whether you get an offer as a new customer.
  • Whether you get an offer as a returning customer.
  • Whether the site has exclusive competitions.
  • Whether the site contains the best football odds.
  • Whether the site offers live online streaming.


Betting offers for new customers

There are many online bookmakers that offer great on-time deals to new customers, including some of the following:

William Hill
Paddy Power


Betting offers for returning customers

As football is the most popular sport to bet on, it has more offers going for it than any other, with bookmakers regularly rolling out and updating a string of offers between them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common.

Football accumulators

When you’ve picked the right teams, you will find that bookies give out bonuses on accumulator winnings and even offer insurance when one side lets you down.

At OddsFactory we regularly review betting sites to find the best deals and offers and from our experience, we have found that bet365 tends to be the best for accumulators.

Furthermore, if you’re searching for accumulators with insurance offers, Paddy Paddy is thought to be one of the best.

Money back specials

Another popular promotion, money back specials offer you money back on losing bets. These are set under certain conditions, however, such as if your team concedes in the final minute or if your team loses but a selected player scores.

Paddy Power is thought to offer the best money back specials and has paid out millions of pounds in single months solely through these promotions.

The only caveat to money back specials is that in the majority of cases, refunds are offered in the form of free bets. Unibet occasionally offers money back deals with cash, however.

Free bets

Free bets can be offered to both new and returning customers.

Through loyalty programmes, free bets can be offered to returning customers. Coral, for instance, offers £10 in free bets to customers that spend £25 per way. Betway also provides an offer, but limits the betting to football accumulators.

Other times it is possible to gain a free bet from specific football matches. William Hill and Betway often provide customers with a free £5 bet if they spend £10 to £15 on specific matches.

Enhancements are also offered by certain bookmakers, which can also increase a person’s winnings, although specific outcomes must be met, such as a win through a penalty.

Exclusive competitions

Weekly competitions are quite regular for online bookmakers, with some being free to enter. Usually, their purpose is for sign-ups, and there might be some sort of cost associated with the offer.

Betway’s “4 to score” competition is a prime example of an exclusive offer. In this competition, you are challenged to pick the teams that score first in four different leagues. If you pick correctly, you win a very cool £25,000.


How to get the best betting odds

As you’re probably aware, football odds change by the minute, which means that it is often hard to find the very best odds for your bet.

Studies have shown, however, that no real bookmaker stands out from the pack, as all offer relatively similar odds throughout the week on a range of different bets.


What about football live streaming?

Many betting sites offer free live streams of matches, although, in the majority of the cases, you will only be allowed to watch if you have an active balance or have bet on a specific match.

As the rights to Premier League and Championship matches are limited, live streams are usually allocated to European and South and Central American football matches.

If you find that you want to watch a live stream on one site, but the odds are better on another, it could be worthwhile holding accounts across bookmakers.