What Is A Super Yankee Bet

Neal Merchant

The Super Yankee Bet Explained

The world of betting is a lot more complex than what most people think. While simple one way bets do exist, combination bets are the way to go! Combo bets give you the chance to press your luck in several ways. Plus, you get to keep things relatively simple on your bet slip!

One popular combination bet you can try out is the Super Yankee bet. Also known as the Canadian bet, this wager is a souped-up version of the traditional Yankee bet. It has higher stakes. Yet, it can provide you with a handsome reward if our selections win.

Don’t let the intricate nature of a Super Yankee bet scare you. Accepted by most bookies, these combination bets aren’t too difficult to understand once you have a good grasp of the basics!


What is a Super Yankee Bet?

A Super Yankee bet is a combination bet. Essentially, you’re wrapping several wagers into one bet package. We’ll go into the benefits of that in a bit.

Individualised single bets do exist. But, the odds typically aren’t in your favour. A combination bet like the Super Yankee allows you to wager your money strategically and cover a wide range of potential outcomes. In total, the Super Yankee bet consists of 26 different smaller bets.

To place one of these bets, you have to wager on five different selections. Here’s another thing that sets the Super Yankee apart from other traditional options. Rather than pressing your luck on a single outcome, you’re betting on five different selections for five separate events. This could be five horse races, five football matches, or five games of any competitive sport. Whatever the case may be, the outcome of those separate events is going to determine your potential returns.


How Does a SuperYankee Bet Work?

Don’t let the idea of placing 26 bets in one go around intimidate you. The individualized bets are relatively simple. So, the best way to understand how Super Yankee betting works is to take a look at the different bet types it contains.

The breakdown of bets in a Super Yankee is as follow:

10 double bets
10 treble bets
5 four-fold accumulators
1 five-fold accumulator

Double Bets

Also simply referred to as “doubles,” these bets are pretty simple. Basically, you’re wagering on the outcome of two events. Now, we mentioned that a Canadian bet required five selections. Your 10 double bets are only going to involve two of them.

To win your doubles, both of your selections have to win. It’s not one or the other. Both selections have to come out victorious! So, let’s say that your selections include team A beating team B and team C beating team D. Your selections, team A and team C, have to win. No dead-heat outcomes are allowed.

Treble Bets

Trebles are pretty much the same as doubles. The only difference is that you’re making three selections. These sports bets offer a greater challenge. But, they do come with bigger rewards, too.

Like double bets, all three of your selections have to win. If even one loses, you do no get a return. Trebles do come with higher risks, so it’s important to fully understand the game before picking your selection.

Four-Fold Accumulators

Next up, we have your four-fold accumulators. While they sound different from the doubles and trebles, there are very similar. An accumulator, or acca, is simply a term to describe the need that all your selections have to win. It’s different from a permutation, which means that not all your selections have to win to see a return.

As you can probably guess, a four-fold accumulator is a bet that has you wagering on four different selections. When all your selections win, you get to enjoy a fat payout.

These bets are far riskier than doubles or trebles. This is why a Super Yankee only contains five.

Five-Fold Accumulators

The final bet in the Super Yankee is the five-fold accumulator. By far the riskiest of them all, this bet requires each one of your five selections to win. There’s only a single five-fold acca in the Super Yankee bet, but winning this bet alone can provide some impressive returns.


How to Calculate Super Yankee Bet Winnings

Like all combination bets, calculating your potential earnings from a Super Yankee is no easy task. There’s a lot of complicated math involved. Not only that, but your potential returns depend largely on the odds.

That said, you don’t have to rely on the bookie to get your figures straight. A Super Yankee bet calculator can do all the hard work for you and help you understand the details on your bet slip.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

Thanks to the way Super Yankee betting works, you have a lot of opportunities to earn a return. That’s one of the best things about combination betting. Instead of putting all of your money on a single outcome, you’re covering as many bases as possible.

Super Yankee bets cover a wide range of eventualities. As you saw from the bet type breakdown earlier, there’s a lot packed into this combo. You’re making doubles, trebles, four-way accumulators, and a single five-way accumulator. When most people first learn about a Super Yankee bet, they’re often turned off because it requires five selections.

Five selections and 26 bets is not a cheap wager. Even if your unit stake is only £1, the total stake you’ll need to wager to place a Super Yankee bet is £26. That’s just the bare minimum. It can get much more expensive the more you wager.

However, when you take a look at the odds and the bet breakdown, the Super Yankee bet is far more forgiving than what most people believe. Despite utilizing five selections, a vast majority of the bets rely on the outcomes of two or three events.

As a result, you can make a return even if some of your predictions don’t come to fruition. Let’s take a look at an example.

Say that you’re betting on five different horse racing events. You’ve chosen your five selections and submitted your bet. With bet slip in hand, you watch the races at the edge of your seat. Despite all the good luck rituals, only three out of the five selections win.

While you may not have made the biggest total return possible, you’re still coming out of that bet a winner. You see, those three selections you made are still covered by the doubles and trebles! With 10 double bets and 10 treble bets, the Super Yankee bet makes sure that you’re getting a return.

To truly be profitable, you’ll need at least four of your selections to win. It’s unlikely that only two or three selection would result in you coming out of the red. That said, your potential returns depend largely on the odds and the amount you wager.

Now, there are other versions of the Super Yankee bet available. If you want to increase your odds even further, you can place an each-way Super Yankee. They could just place. This type of bet usually only applies to horse racing. However, it covers even more eventualities. With an each-way bet, your selection doesn’t have to win completely. The horse simply needs to place.

An each-way Super Yankee does increase the total stake, though. Because you’re including the each-way option, you’re essentially doubling the number of total bets to 52.


Why Make a Super Yankee Bet?

The biggest reason why punters love the Super Yankee bet is that it’s generally considered to be safer. This doesn’t mean that there is a guarantee that you’ll win. There’s no such thing as a “sure thing” in the world of sports betting!

However, a combination bet like the Super Yankee has lower risks. You’re covering several potential incomes after all. It’s not like a traditional one-way bet where you’re putting all your cards on your selection winning. With five selections and several different kinds of bets included, you have a greater chance of earning some of your money back . You might even earn a profit.

Statistically speaking, it’s a much smarter choice than a basic one-way bet. Super Yankee bets are one of the simpler combination bets to understand, so it’s a great option for those who are new to the world of betting.


What’s the Difference Between Super Yankee Bets and Other Combination Bets?

Super Yankee bets are often compared to other available combination bets. You have your Goliath flag bets, Trixie bets, Lucky 31 bets, and more. It can get complicated pretty quickly and it’s very easy for punters to get confused. But, the difference between a Super Yankee bet and all other combination bets is the number of individual bets they contain!

On the lower end, you have the Trixie bet. It’s a low-risk and low-cost bet that contains three doubles and a treble. The outcome of a Trixie depends on three selections.

Then, you have bets like the Lucky 31. A Lucky 31 is very like a Super Yankee. It contains five selections and all the same individual bets. However, a Lucky 31 has the added benefit of five single bets! It covers even more potential outcomes.

On the higher-end of the spectrum, you have the Goliath flag bet. This is just one of the major high-stakes bets that seasoned punters place. It includes an eye-watering 303 bets on eight selections!


What Sports Work Well with Super Yankee Bets?

A Super Yankee bet can be placed on any competitive sports event. It’s most common with horse racing, soccer matches, and football games. As long as there’s the option to choose individual selections, the sport applies.


Best Sites to Place a Super Yankee Bet On

Online bookies are incredibly popular these days. They allow you to perform a wide range of bets from one accessible place. The kinds of bets you can place vary from online bookie to online bookie. So, we recommend checking a few out. You may even see offers to make free bets if you’re a new member. It’s a great way to try out combination bets with very little risk.

Here are some bookies to try out:

Paddy Power
William Hill


As you can see, Super Yankee bets aren’t as complicated as they first appear. These combination bets have a lot to offer. While they’re definitely not a small-stakes option, Super Yankee bets cover a lot of potential outcomes. As long as you know your sport and have done your research, it’s easy to come out on top with a Super Yankee!