Round Robin Bet

The Round Robin is one of the most fascinating and complex bets offered by bookmakers. The wager involves both multiple bets and multiple selections. This gives it a level of difficulty that can sometimes confuse those new to betting. For the experienced punter, however, the Round Robin can be a devastating weapon that makes bookies tremble.

This wager is technically classified as a combination bet. It is often confused with multiple wagers like doubles and trebles. The bet is similar to the parlays which are common in the US. It is best to know as much as possible about a Round Robin bet before placing one for real money.


What Is It and How Does A Round Robin Bet Work?

To understand a Round Robin wager it is best to begin with the bet details. The punter should know upfront that this bet requires different bet types and a number of single bets. Familiarity with all of the bets involved is an absolute must. That’s why most rookie players steer clear of the bet.

A total of ten wagers is required to fashion a Round Robin bet slip. There are three selections required from three different betting events. Another reason that novice punters are given caution is the price of the bet. It can be expensive to bet this way depending on the player’s total outlay. The reward is suitably great for the risk taken, but the cost can climb rapidly.

The single bets that are involved in the wager are:

3 Doubles
1 Treble
3 Up-and-Down single-stake pairs

It is the last of these which seems to give customers difficulty. Each is technically two separate bets. There are then ten bets in all used to create the combination bet called a Round Robin.

It should be apparent that such a complex wager requires knowledge. A player must know about the different bet types that bookmakers offer. Knowledge of the sporting event chosen for wagering is also a must. To approach this bet without the knowledge required is to court failure. It will be an expensive loss as well as a humbling one when the bet is made on a whim.

Of course, players must have confidence in the individual selections that they choose to play. It only takes one loss in the sequence of selections to eliminate the bet’s large profit potential.

To help players understand this bet more clearly it is necessary to provide a brief definition of the individual bets in a Round Robin.

The first is the Double bet. A Double is simply a bet that involves two events and two betting choices. This is a very common and popular bet in horse racing. Here is an example:

A bet is made on Horse 7 in the third race. Another bet is made on Horse 5 in the fourth race. To collect the bet each of the player’s choices must win its respective event. In horse racing a Double typically involves two consecutive events. This may not always be the case with a Round Robin.

The Treble bet requires the player to pick three selections in three different events. It is just like the Double, but an additional race is added to the mix. If any of the selections fails to win, the entire bet is lost. Once again, in horse racing a Treble is usually spread over consecutive events.

The most complicated wager of a Round Robin is the Up-and-Down. In the Up-and-Down wager a punter chooses a pair of selections and makes a single stake wager. If these selections win, the stake is returned. This is just as it would be with a normal single bet. The winnings from the first selection are then wagered again on the other selection.

It sounds more complicated than it is in practice. The best way to approach a Round Robin bet is to use a calculator that can assist with creating a ticket and also with estimating profit.


How To Calculate Winnings

The player who wishes to calculate the cost and potential profit of a Round Robin bet should be prepared for a bit of work. Most players today opt to use a Round Robin calculator instead of trying to work out the math themselves. All major sportsbooks online have such calculators available for their customers.

A calculator allows the customer to input data on each betting event. One generally begins by entering in the stake that they wish to bet. After this there are fields for several variables. These include the number of events, the number of selections, and the odds being given on each selection.

Once the data has been entered, a single click will return all the information needed for new customers to make an informed wager and complete a bet slip. The punter will know how much they have to spend on the bet as well as the expected profit.


Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

Let’s take a closer look at this type of bet with a very rudimentary example. We’ll use horse racing because this sporting event is well-suited to a Round Robin bet. In our example the punter is wagering on a day of racing that includes three stakes races or handicaps.

The customer selects a horse in each of the three races. The odds on these horses are 7/1, 4/1, and 9/2. Instead of betting each horse individually with a stake of £1, the player makes a Round Robin with a total stake of £7.

The potential return for the player on the individual bet is a profit of £15.50 when the selections all win. The potential profit on the Round Robin bet is £350.00. The increased chance of profit is what makes the bet so appealing to the experienced player who wants to maximize a profit.

Higher odds on each individual selection will work to increase a player’s overall return on this bet. Many customers will not make the bet unless they can receive certain odds on each of their selections.

It goes without saying that the potential return increases with a higher overall stake.


Why Make A Round Robin Bet?

Betting success depends upon many factors. One of these is the management of risk versus reward. The smart player looks to wager a little in order to win a lot. This approach is well-suited to the Round Robin.

Therefore, the first reason that someone would want to make this bet is a chance at greater winnings. The bet multiplies winnings on individual events thanks to its unique structure.

The bet is an attractive option when individual selections in different events offer low odds. Sometimes it is difficult to see past the favorite in a single betting event. Placing individual bets on a favorite will not yield a sufficient return for long-term profitability. The odds on an individual selection can effectively be increased when the Round Robin bet is made.

Players who have a healthy bankroll may also choose to make this type of bet. The well-funded player is able to spread their stakes in an advantageous way. It is a bet that also appeals to confident punters who are skilled at picking winning selections.


What’s the Difference Between a Round Robin Bet and Another Bet Type?

Round Robin wagers are properly classified as combination bets. Some people identify the bet as a multiple, but this is incorrect. The stake in a Round Robin works differently than it does in other types of multiple bets.

There are some similarities between a Round Robin and a Trixie bet, Patent, Goliath, Union Jack, or Yankee bet. These bets are all commonly referred to as permutations of so-called Lucky wagers.

The hallmark of a combination wager is that there are multiple stakes required on multiple selections. Yankee wagers are another example of a combination bet. They require 11 bets, but all are folded into a single stake. So, if the player made a bet of £2 on each bet the total for a Yankee would be £22. In the Round Robin fewer individual bets figure into the wager.

The Round Robin is a bet that can become very complex. Players should not undertake the bet without a comprehensive understanding of what they are betting. Customers also need to be aware of overall cost.


What Sports Work Well With a Round Robin Bet?

Sports betting and horse racing are the two activities which come to mind when discussing the Round Robin bet type. The bet can me made on any type of sport that features multiple events in a single day. That would include horse racing, football, basketball, soccer, and more.

The popularity of the bet in football is well-established. Many professional punters are fans of the Round Robin wager, and they look forward to making it each weekend during football season. Cricket and tennis are also sports suited to this combination bet that is offered by many bookies.

Horse racing is perhaps the best sport for a Round Robin bet. There are more horse races held in a single day than the total number of football matches held in a single season. More races gives the punter more chances, and it also allows the player to be more selective when betting.


Best Sites To Place a Round Robin Bet On

All major bookmakers offer the Round Robin bet. Some are more attractive than others. A punter might want to look for things like bonuses and rewards before choosing an online bookie. It also goes without saying that a large betting menu is a must. More betting events means more opportunities to make a Round Robin. Some bookmakers also offer a free bet to those making a new account.

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest bookmakers in the UK. The bookmaker has a solid reputation for offering decent odds and fair betting. Customers will probably find a larger variety of sports at Ladbrokes on a daily basis when measured against other bookies. There is something comforting about betting with a UK mainstay.

One of the most popular choices for players today is Betfair. This bookmaker is largely responsible for creating the online betting exchange as it is known today. Betfair has one of the most active betting markets to be found online. This often allows players to receive nicer odds on betting events. Betfair also excels in horse racing betting markets, and that is just where the Round Robin player wants to be.

Bet365 is a good fit for the player that wants action on the go from their chosen sportsbook. The bookmaker has a nice mobile application which permits convenient betting. Customers have access to sporting events in both the UK and the US, as well as other sporting events across the world.



In summary, a Round Robin bet is very similar to a parlay wager. It is a combination bet that requires multiple bet types, multiple events, and multiple selections. A player is looking to pick the winners of at least three multiple events. Instead of betting those events separately and reaping a lower reward, the Round Robin player can risk a higher amount with the potential of a larger total return.

Some sporting events lend themselves to this type of betting more than others. It is common for punters to make Round Robin bets on football matches. Another common choice is horse racing.

You can score a nice profit from Round Robin betting, but the losses can also add up quickly. Prepare yourself and take a stab at the golden ring when you make this bet with your favorite bookmaker. Remember, the time that you spend in preparation is relative to the success that you will have when betting any sport. That is especially true when it comes to the Round Robin. Only make this bet when you have unshakable confidence in your selections.