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A Yankee bet is very similar to the popular full cover bet the Lucky 15 as it requires 4 selections; but rather than placing 15 bets a Yankee consists of just 11 bets.

Therefore a Yankee is not a full cover bet but covers you for a return if at least two of your four selections comes in. You can also make this bet each way which makes it 22 lines rather than the standard 11.


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To be able to place a Yankee bet you need to have 4 selections on your slip. For some online bookies you will need to use the drop down on multiples to get this option as a number of them push accumulators rather than cover bets.

The basic answer to what is a Yankee bet is it is made up of 11 bets – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4 bet acca. This means that every possible bet is covered if at least 2 of your selections win (every possible double, every possible treble and the straight accumulator).

Remember that the amount you add to the bet slip will be multiplied by the number of lines (11 for a Yankee) for all multiple bets.


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