Goliath Bet Calculator

The Goliath bet is named after the legendary giant of Biblical fame because of its size. This giant wager is made up of 247 individual bets. The bets must include:

  • 28 doubles
  • 56 trebles
  • 70 four-folds
  • 56 five-folds
  • 28 six-folds
  • 8 seven-folds
  • 1 eight-fold accumulator

A Goliath bet is offered by most UK bookmakers. It is most common to find the bets offered on football or horse racing betting. It can be made on other sports such as snooker. There really is no comparable bet found in US sports betting. The closest thing would be an eight-team parlay or a horse racing bet that involves picking the winners of eight consecutive races.

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