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If you’re wanting to calculate your potential winnings from an each-way bet you’ve placed or thinking of placing, then check out our each-way bet calculator below. This is the same structure as our Accumulator Bet Calculator, in that it gives you the ability to calculate the stake, return and profit for accumulator bets. However, if you select ‘each way’ and then your multiple options you can calculate both sides of an each way bet.


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What Is An Each Way Bet?

An Each Way bet is essentially two individual bets running in parallel on the same selection. One is placed on your selection to win, and the other on your selection to place. So, for example say you are having a day out at the horse racing. You chose 5 horses across 5 different races through the day. For an each way bet, you would bet on your selection to win, and also for the same stake, your exact same selection to place.

With an Each Way bet, you reduce your loss scenarios and improve your chances, but as a result the odds will not be quite as favourable on your ‘to place’ bet as they are with your ‘to win’ bet, naturally.  

In most cases, your slip is settled on a win-to-win, place-to-place basis. What this means, is that the two sides to your bet are siloed from each other when it comes to calculating returns. On the win side of your bet, returns are rolled over to the next selection in your bet but only on the win side (exactly the same as an accumulator).  The same applies to the place side of your bet, returns are rolled over on that side of your bet only, sequentially.

There are occasions where your slip might show a different calculation for your settlement, where rather than a win-to-win, place-to-place scenario, returns for both the win and place bets are spread All Each Way, divided evenly across both win and place parts of the bet. So rather than your returns being siloed or ‘exclusive’ to each side of your bet, they are combined and spread evenly ‘as one’ across your bet.  


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