OddsMonkey – The Test Drive

There are a few matched betting sites out there that offer a suite of useful tools and guides, and the list of competitors is growing. But are they all as good as each other, are some better than others, are the tools really worth it and what exactly do you get for your free or premium registration?

To start answering these questions, we decided to initiate some in depth reviews to look at what exactly is on offer in the competitive world of matched betting. Are some of the competitors all they are hyped up to be and are the services worth the money.

Our journey begins with OddsMonkey, a matched betting site that states that even with their free account, you can earn up to £45. If this is something that interests you, and you want to try it out for yourself or walk through your own account while following this guide, then just click on the image below.

Who Are OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey is a site designed to not only make matched betting easy, but to teach you how to turn free bookmaker bets into a legitimate second income. There are many competitors out there, and in terms of a premium service OddsMonkey are actually relatively late to the table. While they have been around for quite some time, it was only in 2016 that they decided to package up all their tools and knowhow to deliver a premium, competitive package. Prior to this, the odds matching tools that OddsMonkey created were provided through other matched betting sites. OddsMonkey wanted to do it better and now their tools are all in house.


How Does OddsMonkey Work?

OddsMonkey scour the web, collecting and collating all the free bets and offers from over 100 different bookies, every single day. They then publish these offers conveniently on their site, along with exceptional guidance, tools and methodology to ensure all their members can make a profit, every time.

You can see quite quickly in the forum (with a premium account), or from the customer testimonials, that it’s not just one or two people making a significant profit like you find in Forex. Rather there are an abundance of people making a reasonable if not lucrative second income from this. A monthly  four figure second income is not only achievable but very realistic.


First Appearances

We won’t spend too long on this but first impressions do count. Now it might be true that if you can offer me a provable and reasonable second income, that I would forgive you for looking like a burst couch. It is also true that if a website looks like it was built on the Atari ST, or the navigation sends you in circles with little to no usability, then chances are we are not going to get along. If the appearance of a site represents effort, professionalism and attitude, then OddsMonkey have it all in spades.

As soon as you click on the page, you are presented with two things. Easy navigation with a clear call to action, and a customer testimonial that you can follow through to a full post. The good navigation tells you that OddsMonkey think about their site and the testimonials tell you that their clients do too. I’m not here to blow smoke up anyone’s ass, and as I said we won’t spend too long on this. Yes, the site looks nice, professional and it’s easy to use. It ticks all the boxes for a site that you may wish to develop a relationship of trust with.

Account Types

OddsMonkey offer both a free account and a premium account. The premium account can be purchased for either £15 per month, or £150 lump sum for the year which works out at £12.50 per month. It doesn’t matter which premium subscription you take, the benefits of each package are exactly the same so there is no incentive either way other than the £25 difference in annual price if you decide to purchase an annual subscription. This is incredibly competitive. One thing you notice with competitors is that additional tools or services carry additional cost, but OddsMonkey give you everything for a flat monthly or annual fee.

Free Account

I clicked on register for a free account – expecting to be taken through a lengthy sales pitch to take premium before finally being directed to the free account. I was pleasantly surprised to see none of this.  There is no mucking about to get your free account. You hit register, you fill in your email, name, password etc, all the usual but no payment info. Hit the button and bang that’s it. Your free account is set up and you are through to the full tutorial.


The premium account is where you go once you have wet your appetite with the free account, or when you have had enough trying to locate all the free bets, matching odds and keeping track of your bets. The toolset offered by Odds Monkey is at the very least amongst the best in it’s competitive ranks. It is comprehensive, each tool built with purpose for a specific reason. That reason is to take pain out of matched betting and keep it simple so that people can make money.

Expected Level Of Experience

One of the things I like about OddsMonkey, is there is no expectation of prior knowledge when it comes to matched betting. Beginners are catered for from the word go, in baby steps. At the same time, there is a huge range of resources available for advanced and expert matched betters. The more skilled you become, the greater value you get from your tools but whatever your level, OddsMonkey provide value to your matched betting experience.

One thing that immediately stands out with OddsMokey though, it their bold claim that their free account can make you around £45 profit, without having to pay out a penny on premium. Well I thought i’d put this free account to the test and see if the claim of a profit really stands up.

Making Money With Your Free OddsMonkey Account – Walk Through

For those looking to get into the world of Matched Betting, there are many that talk about how good it is, how much they make and how it is risk free. But most of these ‘winners’ are signed up to a premium service that provide some form of support to help maintain and track your success. For a beginner looking in, before you have generated a level of trust with an ‘art’ that looks a bit too good to be true, investing in a matched betting site can be a bit of a big ask. But can you make a profit in matched betting with little experience and without any investment in a premium site?

Well one of the things that the OddsMonkey site suggest, is that you can actually make a profit from their free account, without paying for any premium tools or support. That’s right, you can make a profit, for free, and they will provide you all the knowledge and experience to do this and carry on doing it if you decide to do so. Ok now that sounds a little too good to be true, so we decided to put the OddsMonkey free account to the test and walk through it from first bet to first profit. Here’s how we got on.

Signing Up To The Trial

The sign-up process is actually very easy. Quite often when you sign up to a free account on a website, they make buttons hard to see, like the virtual equivalent of a timeshare meeting they use the space to ‘INTIMIDATE YOU INTO GOING PREMIUM!!!!’ Not here. There is no request for payment details or any PCI information, just a plain and simple registration form, no hassle. Once you have provided your e-mail, username, password and the basics, you click the button and that’s it, straight into the members area and into the guides.

Getting Familiar With The Guides

This is really important. If you want to learn exactly how to match bet, to turn it into something beautiful and shiny, you need to pay attention to the guides. OddsMonkey have provided everything you need here in the beginners guides to get you started with the basic principles, an introduction to some of the bookies and to their oddsmatcher tool. Everything is here that you need to make an initial profit, and to get the most from your free account. So in short, pay attention to the guides.

The first tutorial takes you through a brief but necessary overview of matched betting, how back and lay bets work, liability, odds and an introduction to betting exchanges. These are the core of matched betting, the essence of exactly what it is. Great time is put into explaining the principle of backing and laying bets and you need this to succeed at matched betting. The language in this tutorial is easy to digest, nice simple chunks of information, not too tedious and not intimidating in the slightest.


Understanding Betfair

The next tutorial takes you through understanding the betfair exchange site, signing up and where/how to make a deposit when you are ready to do so. I didn’t drop in a deposit at this stage – I didn’t want to pop any cash in until I know the minimum i’ll need to put in to make some cash in this tutorial. There is both a video or a written guide for this tutorial, both are good. Infact, I watched the video, then came back to look at the written guide to reinforce what i’d learned. I imagine many of you will do the same.

The Odds Matcher Tool

Moving further into the tutorials and you start to understand why OddsMonkey and their tools are worth their salt. The odds matcher tool is the focus of the third tutorial, and it soon becomes clear that this tool is invaluable. Not so much for the training, but if you are to move on and try to make a serious second income from matched betting, a tool like the odds matcher tool dramatically reduces the pain of hunting for free offers and getting the right odds on your back and lay bets.

oddsmonkey odds matcher tool

To give you an idea of how significant the odds matcher tool is, here’s some perspective. The tool compares and sorts odds from over 90 bookies and 4 betting exchanges, from 32 different countries. It does this to help you find the best odds and the closest odds for matched betting. Now, can you imagine how long it would take you to manually do the same on this kind of scale? It even does some of the calculations for you.

In the free account, you receive only a watered down version of the odds matcher tool. For the real deal you need a premium account, but then you don’t really need it for the demo as we are only placing a couple of bets in the free account.


OddsMonkey really do drive an understanding of Liability into you with the tutorials, and rightly so. Liability is a massive part of matched betting and you have to understand it completely. You need to know the value of what you are risking, how to cover the liability of your lay bet with your back bet by matching your odds. This is the paradigm in which matched betting exists, and you should only place any bets once you have a clear understanding of this.

Ok It’s Time To Place A Bet

Right, at this stage the OddsMonkey free account tutorials are ready to take you through the process of putting what you’ve learned into practice by signing up to a bookie to place your first matched bet. We already signed up to the Betfair exchange earlier on in the tutorials, and now, the fifth tutorial in the series is taking us through signing up with Coral to take advantage of a free bet offer that we can back against a lay bet on Betfair.

The first step is to set up your account with Coral. The offer is a bet £5, get a £20 free bet. So you sign up for an account and deposit at least £5 so you can qualify for your free bet. I signed up using a card rather than paypal, as the minimum deposit with Paypal is £10. Also, some e-accounts don’t qualify you for the free bet and as that is the whole purpose of matched betting I stuck with using a card. The guide takes you through the sign up process comprehensively.

This tutorial takes you right through the process of placing your first matched bet. I spent a fair bit of time here, exploring the different bets available on the odds matcher between Coral and Betfair. The guide is great though, it’s the little things, the explanation and the helpful tips. One common thing in all areas of life is that ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’. Well OddsMonkey have taken a good guess at what we don’t know and it is really bloody helpful. They want you to succeed with your bets and assume that even the little things are a mystery to you. For example, the bold writing in the tutorial as you are about find your bet that states ’THE MINIMUM ODDS YOU CAN BET AT TO GET THE FREE BET ARE 1.5’. Now this is really a little thing, but to me it’s big. It’s an accumulation of all the little things through this free account demo that are encouraging me that these guys have my back to win, and building that relationship of trust.

odds matcher my bet

The Odds Matcher is showing me a bet, with odds of 1.62 for the horse Royal Village, at Perth in the 14:00 race. That’s going to be my bet.

first free bet calculator

Click on the “i” information icon next to the bet rating and it brings up the screen above, showing you the ins and outs of your back and lay bet on Coral and Betfair. I change the value in the calculator for a bet of £5 rather than the £10 shown, and it shows that in the worst case scenario, i lose 7 pence. I’d gladly pay 7 pence for £20 in free bets.

From the screen above, you have links to both the bookie and the betting exchange, and clicking on those takes you through to the respective site ready to place your bet. I placed both my back and lay bets as advised in the calculator and now it’s the waiting game for the race to take place. The tutorial holds your hand through the whole process. If you are comfortable you can have it in the background. If you are a bit nervous, it is there to guide you through the process every step of the way. I can see immediately that for placing my £5 bet on Coral that my £20 of free bets are now available. The £20 is spread over 4 free £5 bets.

The Free Bets

One thing to be aware of here, is that to make a significant profit in matched betting, you want to aim to retain at least 70% of the value of your free bet as profit. This meaning that when you place your lay bet against your free back bet, that you want to be betting with decimal odds over 5. The thing is, the greater the odds, the greater the liability position of your back bet. So, depending on how you place your bets, or the offer you are taking, you might have to place a significant outlay to make your position and secure the bet. When you see liability into three figures or more, this can be discouraging but you have to remember this is not risk. The calculator shows you clearly that whatever happens with the bet, whether the back comes in or the lay comes in, you win. It just means you might have to place a fair bit of cash on the table to make it happen. With that in mind, take your time to choose a position you are comfortable with until you learn through experience to trust the system.

odds matcher my free bet

For my free £20 bet, I chose to go with Breaking Free, in the Catterick 14:20 race. As the rating was over 100% this is pretty awesome in terms of guaranteeing a good return.

I bring up the calculator and check what I will need to lay against a £20 back bet on the current odds. So my liability is £72.38, but my return regardless of the outcome will be a profit of £17.62 give or take a few pence for commision. If you comfortably have enough to place down the liability, then you are guaranteed a profit, it’s as simple as that.

So i’ve placed my 4 free £5.00 bets on Coral, and I’ve placed my lay bet on Betfair. Now all I need to do is wait for my races to take place. The OddsMonkey beginner tutorial wants to take you through another offer to boost your profit further. For me, I’m going to wait until this first bet comes in, as that’s about £85 bucks i’ve put out so far and want to see the system work, and the cash materialise before I place a further bet.

Outcome Of The First Bet

You can see here in my betfair record, that my initial lay bet against my qualifying bet lost, but my lay bet for the 14:20 came in at a profit of £17.82

Similarly on the Coral account, you can see now that the four £5 free bets all lost, and the initial qualifying bet won, with a return of £8.08.

So in short, To qualify for my free bets, and to adequately fund the liability for my lay bets in this initial matched bet, i’ve put down approximately £81 – £5 for the initial qualifying bet on Coral, and the rest as liability against all my bets on Betfair. I now have £8.08 on Coral, and £93.14 on Betfair. Whichever way you look at it, the proof is in the pudding and financially, I’m up.

One More Bet – The Last Part Of The Tutorial

Ok, so now I know. I followed the OddsMonkey free account tutorial and I made money. It worked and I can faithfully say, do what I did and you will make a profit. Now I know it works, and I have some cash back in my accounts to prove it, I’m happy to finish the last part of the tutorial.

For this last part of the tutorial you basically follow exactly what you did before but this time you are signing up to Betfred for a Bet £10 get £30 free bet offer.

I sign up for Betfred and place my £10 deposit, ready to make my qualifying bet. Check the odds matcher tool on OddsMonkey, and I see a nice little matched bet on Middlesbourgh vs Sunderland at back odds of 2.2 and lay odds of 2.18. For this qualifying bet, the condition is that the odds must be at least evens, 2. This is my bet. I stand to lose a maximum of 50 pence on my qualifying bet depending on which way it falls. But again, that’s a negligible fee i would gladly pay for a free £30 bet. Now that it’s placed I sit back and wait for the result. However, I will have a bit of a wait before I can place my qualified free bet, as this is not paid out until up to 48 hours after your qualifying bet is placed. So i have to wait a day or two until the free bet is delivered. That’s fine, it will come, but it stands as another reminder that you need to make sure you check all the terms of your free offers and bets.

The next morning I log in and the free bet is sitting waiting for me in my account. Odds matcher up and I spot a great little race at 13:40 to place my matched bet.

I have a fair bit of liability to cover up front for this bet, but whatever the outcome there will be at least £27 profit. I can’t overstate how useful the odds matcher tool is. If I was having to hunt out these matched odds manually it would take too much time for me, i would seriously lose interest. Having this tool there is a game changer.

So my last bet comes in a loser, my free bet is spent but my profit from the lay bet has been added to my betfair exchange account. That’s two from two, the system works when you follow it to the letter.


Ok so that is the free account explored, the tutorials followed and a profit achieved. Before I summarise, I first want to document some observations gathered throughout the experience.

  • Potential

The free account gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, to taste profit and prove the system works, without giving too much away for free. Remember, these guys are throwing a lot at you to help maximise your results. But they are a business afterall and not a charity so they understandably keep the best tools and knowledge for premium members.

What the experience of running through the free account confirms to you, is that this system has potential. If you have the time, the bankroll, the patience and the drive then this can generate you a substantial second income. Across the two matched bets in the free tutorial, I made over £40 profit. That was from two bets and it doesn’t take long to place them. If I was to spend say, 30 mins to do that every day, that could easily be £1200 per month. From placing a mere handful of qualifying bets and free bets a day. That’s it. So yes, matched betting works.

  • You need to be able to comfortably fund your initial outlay

This is the thing that will shake your faith the most at first. When you are placing your free bets, and looking for high odds to maximise profit, the liability on your lay bets can be quite large. Some perspective, this could be 10 times the value that you stand to win from your matched bet. That is quite a significant outlay and until you have developed some trust that the system works it can be a big ask. This is not unique to OddsMonkey, this is a significant part of matched betting, how and why it works. In short, the bigger your bankroll, the more advantage you can take of your free bets, but at first, take your time, go for low odds and build your bankroll and trust in the system.

  • You need to get comfortable with trusting the system.

It can be difficult to lay down £100 as liability for a lay bet, especially if it is not exactly ‘expendable’ income, and where the return may only be £10-15. You have to place a few bets and see it working flawlessly and get comfortable with it. It is only then that you can place down your liability without worrying about what will happen to it. Trust in the system is huge if you want to make a second income from matched betting.

  • Make sure your connections are secure to the bookies (https)

This doesn’t just apply to betting sites, but any site where you are creating an account or passing over personal information. I noticed on one of the bookie websites that it was only in your ‘myaccount’ area that the connection was secure. At the point of entering your log-in details, all three major browsers, IE, Firefox and Chrome declared that the page was not fully secure. This may just have been a temporary thing, but when it comes to creating accounts and entering passwords/usernames, if the page is not fully secure, just don’t do it.

Free Account Summary

It’s true, tried and tested. The OddsMonkey free account takes you through a tutorial series that proves the principle of matched betting and allows you to make a fool proof profit. With no premium sign up required.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to break your bank with the taste of profit you get from this free guide. But you might be able to take the wife out for a nice meal, the kids to the cinema for the night, or a good sesh in the pub and that’s not nothing.

What OddsMonkey offer in the premium account is a whole suite of tools to make sure that you can rinse and repeat this newfound knowledge time and time again, and for much more lucrative offers. I made more than £40 during this from a couple of small example offers. That profit is more than double the cost of a monthly premium account with OddsMonkey. Imagine what you could do with a month of premium access? If you want to make a significant second income from matched betting, a good tool set is critical. So that is what we will look at next. What exactly do you get for your premium subscription with OddsMonkey.

Premium Tools and Guides

More Advanced Tutorials

Once you enter the premium site, you immediately start to get a feel for the scale of the resources available to you. Not all of which will make sense to a noob at first glance but all in time.

oddsmonkey dashboard

The dashboard for your premium account, has some handy links at the top for your oddsmatcher, calculator and rate matchers. But the dash also helps you keep track of the guides and offers that you have already completed, so you can focus on progressing and see the wood for the trees. Now the guide we completed in the free account, that was one guide, and there are 136 of them so far in premium. I mean, that is seriously going to keep you busy for a while, offering a ton of matched betting opportunities without having to hunt for them yourself. Some of these guides are suitable for novices, most in fact, however there are some that are more specialised or require a more advanced knowledge and experience. There are a series of guides and offers that are tailored for casino games, and also for bingo. Whilst not matched betting, there can still be some opportunities to take advantage of risk free offers in these categories but if you are only interested in matched betting these can be ignored.

There are a series of advanced tips and guides that are quite useful for recognising things to avoid, ways to prevent an account being gubbed by a bookie and also advanced guides for using some of the premium tools. Most of the tutorials and guides in this section are for those that have a bit of experience with matched betting, and are looking to take advantage of more complex bets or systems. This is really handy though, and beefs up the resources for those that are seasoned in matched betting.

Product Guides

The product guides section under the training tab are priceless. It is here that you find guides to Accas, each way bets, and a host of other useful guides on matched betting strategies. I particularly found the each way matcher user guide to be very useful in exploring each way bets on horse racing.


Free one – 2- one session

One really handy resource that you get with signing up to OddsMonkey premium, is a free 30 minute one2one session that you can cash in within your first month of signing up. This session allows you to have a chat with an OddsMonkey expert, to ask away on any of the questions and issues you have around matched betting. A little free guidance or mentoring with an expert is never a bad thing. Even for advanced matched betters, the opportunity to have a 30 minute collaboration or sharing of experienced minds, theories or tips is incredibly useful.

Suite of tools

It is here, it the suite of tools that OddsMonkey have put together that the premium account proves its worth. Most of the matched betting competitor sites offer a similar package to what we have looked at so far, but it is here in the quality of the tools that OddsMonkey stand out. So let’s take a look at them.


The Oddsmatcher tool, is quite simply the single most important tool that a matched better can have in their toolbox. This was the original product created by OddsMonkey that was previously offered by a whole host of matched betting sites before OddsMonkey decided to start their own service and took all their tools back in house.

Sites that had previously been partners now became competitors and OddsMonkey had an edge in the fact that they already had a head start on the tools. To say this caused a few waves is an understatement, but who can blame them. OddsMonkey had created the tools and felt they could provide a better service. So far, their reputation would suggest it is working. Competitors now having a gap in the tools they could provide, had to quickly create their own, and in most cases, alternative odds  matchers are not nearly as feature rich as the OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher tool.

The OddsMatcher tool gives you the ability to match odds across a multitude of betting sites and exchanges for every bet you could need to place, to complete any free, new customer, existing customer or reload offer. If you were to try and match the odds yourself across all these platforms and bookie sites, there wouldn’t be enough time left in the day to actually place your bets. The value of this tool is priceless and it is the difference maker between having a blind dabble and making an educated significant second income.

Existing Customer Offers

The shortlist here does exactly what it says on the tin. Here you will find a list of current offers, that you can mark off the list when completed. You will also find a daily offers calendar and this is a great little tool. The daily offers calendar allows you to see upcoming offers from different bookies and exchanges, so you can plan your time and potential returns ahead of time. This is great for forecasting.

Matched Betting Calculator

This is a really simple little betting calculator that will tell you the expected result on your back and lay bet depending on which side wins. To trigger the calculation, you enter the odds for both the back and lay, any commissions and your desired bet value. This will help you decide if a bet is worthwhile, what to expect in terms of a profit or loss on your qualifying matched bet.

This is a very handy little calculator, and it is integrated in one form to the oddsmatcher tool. In the oddsmatcher, when you select the ‘i’ icon next to a bet rating (this will ring a bell if you looked at the free account demo earlier in the article) a pop up screen will appear that shows a variation of this calculator, which also allows you to select if the bet is a stake returned, normal bet or stake not returned bet and calculates the result for any of those scenarios. So the calculator built into the oddsmatcher is a bit more sophisticated.

Dutch Search Tool

The dutch search tool is great for pulling together matched odds for placing dutch betts across three different bookies/exchanges. Dutching is a way of ensuring almost identical profit regardless of the outcome, by covering all bases. Our own Dutching calculator gives a bit more advice on what Dutching is if you are unfamiliar. The integrated calculator in this tool is also tailored for this specific type of bet and strategy. It is quite basic, but in this case as in most cases, less is more and keeping it simple makes it easy to understand.

The Horse Racing Matcher

The racing matcher tool is basically a calendar of horse races within a day that have matched bet offers available from some bookies. Not all horse races have offers available for existing customers, and there are an abundance of horse races each day. Trying to find active offers for each race from every bookie is just far too time consuming. This tool filters out any races that don’t have offers on them, and provides easy navigation to bookmakers that are running offers against each of the races. This tool is a master at finding needles in the haystack, saving a huge amount of time and allowing you to easily find free bets to get your hands on. This is of particular importance if you want a long term matched betting strategy.

Tennis Matching Tool

We couldn’t review this tennis matching tool at the time of writing, as there were no offers currently available. We will look at this in later when we can properly review. However, there is plenty of chat in the community relating to betting on tennis, the offers that come about and how to make the most of them. Perhaps over Wimbledon, the Davis Cup or any of the opens this tool will become useful at finding offers and opportunities.

The Each Way Matcher

The Each Way Matcher tool is an incredibly valuable resource. With the addition of the ‘extra place only’ button, you will find this an absolute gem of a tool. On any ordinary day, the each way watcher is good for filtering out your best each way betting opportunities. But on a day where bookies are offering extra places on a bet, this tool can help you make a great profit.

An Extra Place race, is where rather than a bookie offering you a return on your selection placing in the top 4 places, they offer you a return on 5 or more places on your each way bet. That can help you to make a massive return with very little risk. You can cover most if not the whole field of horses using the each way matching tool, and guarantee that your horse places with the extra place.

An extra place race might only pop up once in a while, but when it does the each way matching tool is your ultimate friend and can help you make a substantial profit. This is not for the beginner though, let’s make that clear. You need to have built a substantial bankroll and protect that with experience and comfort in your understanding of the matched betting process.

Acca Matcher Tool

Again, as with extra place races on each way bets, Accas are not really for beginners. These would be considered more advanced bets, for the experienced matched better. The Acca Matcher tools are a fantastic tool for experienced matched betters to maximise their Acca profits. The very nature of an accumulator carries risk. If you haven’t got your rookie mistakes out of the way, and developed your own skill set for maximising profit from your matched bets, then leave them alone until you have. A mistake on an acca can wipe out a bankroll, but if you follow the principles to the letter and make good use of your toolset, you can negate risk and make a profit every time.

OddsMonkey offer four different Acca Matcher tools:

  • Accumulator – No Lay
  • Accumulator – Lay At Start
  • Accumulator – Lay Sequential
  • Accumulator – Lay Sequential Lock In

Before you place any accas, you need to have an understanding of what each of these means, what you risk and how you place the bets. OddsMonkey have some great explanatory guides on all the different types of acca and it is advised that you follow and understand these before attempting to use these tools.

Having the four tools is great though, because there are significantly different rules and requirements to understand to ensure a profit from these different types of Acca. The No Lay Acca for example requires an accumulator bet where you are only placing your back bet and not a lay bet against. Now this sounds a lot like gambling rather than matched betting and you really need to educate yourself with the guides to understand why probability is on your side to make a profit with this.

Pre-Built Spreadsheets

The final offering in the OddsMonkey toolset, is a set of prebuilt spreadsheets that have been designed to offer support in managing and placing different types of Acca or Dutching bets, for tracking profit, calculating and testing different types of bet. Honestly, some of these are real time savers and a worthy addition to the toolset.

oddsmonkey community

Community and Support

The community on OddsMonkey is active, with matched betters of all levels of experience. When you click into the community, you can see a wide variety of categories, and activity within each. Some of these are really great for picking up tips and advice from those that are a little more in the know, or a place for the advanced minds to collaborate. It is also a good place for keeping up on strategies and on new offers as and when they pop up.

The OddsMonkey staff are regularly posting and updating content, and the forum community is a great place to continue your learning beyond the realm of tutorials and guides.


The blog is updated regularly and by that I mean several times a week. There are four sections to the blog, the most active and useful are the ‘matched betting’ section, and ‘ben’s diary’. The latter of which is particularly useful for new matched betters. If essentially follows the daily matched bets of Ben, tracking his progress, journey and profits. There is useful information in here, but long term, it is likely the forum that you will find yourself visiting most.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, you can really tell how much a company values you as a customer, in the way that they communicate with you. In that, I mean the language they use, the speed at which they respond, and their willingness to help or address your query. Any company that speaks to you as if they are a politician couldn’t give a monkeys (excuse the pun) to be honest. OddsMonkey on the other hand in our experience, are quick to respond, interested and keen to resolve a query and they speak to you with respect – no nicey nicey empty talk, no distraction or diversion away from an issue. Just an honest, effective and respectful service and that is all anyone could ask for. Very good customer service.


For some, running through the beginners guides and placing your first bets is enough to experience matched betting and make a decision about OddsMonkey. That decision is likely to be either:

  • That it’s not for you
  • That you don’t have time right now, but when you do…
  • That it is too complicated to make a significant profit without investing in a premium set of tools
  • That you can make a good casual income from this
  • That with the right toolset, you can easily turn this into a significant second income

For those that just don’t see the magic, or that don’t have the time, I will say this. Your free account never expires. If you find you have the time or desire down the line your free account is always there to let you have a peek again if you so desire and it doesn’t cost you a thing. If you want to sign up to your own free trial and test this risk free method out for yourself, just follow this link.

For those that see the potential, look around, check the market and know who the competitors are. What you will likely find, is that the OddsMonkey offering for premium is very competitive and it is actually great value for the money. If you do decide to sign up for premium, the learning begins all over again as you take on board how to use each of the tools in the set, and how to progress to each way ‘extra place’ and acca bets. All I will say, it that it does take time, don’t expect to know it all in a day but you should know your way around competently within the month. Take the time to do the courses and learn the tools, as ultimately it is worth it in the end.

In terms of how OddsMonkey stack up to the competition, the sheer volume of testimonials speaks for itself. The fact that the major matched betting competitors used to use OddsMonkey’s tools until they pulled them all back in-house speaks for itself. The fact that they offer you a free account and show you how to make a guaranteed profit in that free account speaks for itself. All in all a very positive matched betting site, and a difference maker between making a casual buck here or there, and a substantial second income.