Single Stakes About Bet (SSA)


For many punters, complicated combination bets are the focus of attention. While those bets certainly have a lot to offer, more manageable alternatives do exist. You don’t have to place a large number of bets to bet your money strategically.

Single Stakes About bets are a popular choice for bettors who want to keep things simple. They only involve two selections. But that doesn’t mean they are any less exciting! These are considered to be conditional bets that change as things unfold on the field.

Don’t let the concept of conditional betting scare you off. A Single Stakes About bet is much simpler than you think. In fact, they’re quite safe and can increase your potential payout significantly!

What is a Single Stakes About Bet?

Single Stakes About bets are called many different names. You might see this wager being called a Single Stakes About Pair, an Up-and-Down Bet, an Any to Come bet, Cross bet, or just a conditional bet!

Whatever your bookie chooses to call it, the bet works the same way. As we mentioned earlier, this is a bet that consists of two selections. Those selections must come from two different events.

In total, the SSA bet contains two bets. But, each bet could be separated into two parts. It all depends on the outcome of the events you’re wagering on.

How Does a Single Stakes About Bet Work?

So how does a conditional bet work? The best way to look at it is to separate it into its two parts. The first part of the bet is always guaranteed to happen. This is the core bet you’re making.

The first part would be that you’re wagering on your selection to win. Now, for the second part to occur, your selection has to win and provide usable returns.

With money left over from the first part of the bet, the second part automatically goes into play and vice versa. That leftover cash from part one is reinvested to potentially earn a reward for part two.

The second part of your bet is wagering on your second selection. To put things simply, here’s how the Single Stakes About bet is broken down.

Bet 1
Part One: Wager on the first selection
Part Two: If the first selection wins, remaining cash is wagered on selection two

Bet 2
Part One: Wager on the second selection
Part Two: If the second selection wins, remaining cash is wagered on selection two

How Much Money is Wagered on Part Two?

Here is where many people get confused. There are a few different types of similar bets that operate the same way. However, the difference lies in the amount of money used in the second part of the wager. For a Single Stakes About bet, the second part uses the original stake amount. Even if you have more money in play, the wager doesn’t go any higher.

However, this only applies if there is enough cash left to cover the wager. If there’s not, whatever is leftover is used.

How to Calculate Winnings From a Single Stakes About Bet?

As you can see, the numbers for Single Stakes About betting can get confusing very quickly. While it’s possible to work out the math yourself, using a bet calculator is much easier.

A Single Stakes About bet calculator is a simple tool that you can use to figure out your winnings in an instant. There are a lot of factors that come into play. This includes price, odds format, unit stakes, and more. With a calculator, you can provide all of the details from your bet slip and let the program do all the work.

It’s particularly useful with a conditional bet like the Single Stakes About bet. Remember, the second part only occurs if you win the first part. With a calculator, you can change those conditions as they happen.

Betting Tips: Potential Results Prediction

The beauty of an SSA bet is that you can use your knowledge of the game to boost your earnings. This isn’t a super complicated bet. Unlike more involved combination bets, you’re only making two selections.

However, choosing those selections wisely could lead to more total profit. If both of your selections were to win, you’d be effectively winning twice on a single bet. It provides a bigger return compared to a basic singles bet.

Why Make a Single Stakes About Bet?

The main reason why punters love these types of bets is the potential for bigger rewards. At face value, a Single Stake About bet is a low-stakes wager. It’s a bet consisting of only two selections. When compared to something like the Goliath Flag bet, your total stake could be much lower.

That said, your chances of leaving the event with some extra cash in your pocket are very high. Let’s say that you’re wagering on the outcome of a horse race. So, you make your two selections and do a relatively low unit stake of £10. This would result in a total stake of £20.

With a horse price of 4.0, you could end up with £100 of pure profit. That would occur if both of your selections win. If only the first bet won, you may still come out in the green. Depending on your bet details, the winnings from the first bet might be enough to cover your original investment. This alone makes the Single Stakes About bet very enticing.

What’s the Difference Between a Single Stakes About Bet and Other Types of Bets?

Like we discussed earlier, there are several variations of this conditional bet. The Single Stakes About bet is the simplest. However, you can also take your shot at a Double Stakes About bet. As you could guess, the DSA effectively doubles the investment in the second part of the bet if you have enough money leftover. This would increase your potential total return even more.

It’s important not to confuse the Single Stakes About bet with a combination bet. Technically speaking, it does combine a couple of smaller wagers into one. However, it’s not a combination bet in the classic sense.

Single Stakes About bets are usually a part of larger combination bet types. You can find them in Flag bets, Union Jack bets, Round Robin bets, and more.

What Sports Work Well with a Single Stakes About Bet?

There are a lot of sports that you could wager on using the Single Stakes About bet. It’s common in football and horse racing. But, you can place your bet on basketball, tennis, bowling, and much more.

As long as its a competitive sport with multiple events, you can place a Single Stakes About bet on it. The only requirement is that the event must have multiple matches. Remember, both selections have to come from different events. While you can’t place it on a single football match, you could place an SSA bet on a larger tournament. Events like the Premier League and World Cups, for example, would work.

Best Sites to Place a Single Stakes About Bet

Online betting sites are a great way to try out the Single Stakes About bet from the comfort of home. Online bookies typically have no problem accepting SSA bets. Plus, they cover a wide range of international events, allowing you to find a game that you’re confident in.

Some bookies also offer free bets and bonuses to new members. Take advantage of those free offers! You can try out a Single Stakes About bet without risking any of your own money. Here are some sites worth looking into:

Paddy Power
William Hill


Single Stakes About bets have a lot to offer punters. This type of bet is an exciting alternative to traditional wagers. While they might not have all the trebles and accumulators or combination bets, the parameters of your wagers can change in an instant. You never know if the second part of the bet will occur. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time!