Is there anything more patriotic than the Union Jack? While the iconic flag is most commonly used to show national pride, it also has its place in sports betting. The Union Jack bet is a unique wager that is modelled off the lines of the flag.

This is a combination bet that is comprised of several smaller wagers. It’s similar to other combination bets that you might be familiar with. But, punters use the Union Jack model to place their money a bit more strategically.


What is the Union Jack Bet?

As states earlier, the Union Jack bet is a combination bet that encompasses several wagers into one. There are a few different types of Union Jack bets available. But, the core bet operates on very simple principles.

This bet includes nine different selections. All of those selections must come from different events.

The interesting thing about Union Jack bets is that they are not all-encompassing like some other combination bets. This wager doesn’t cover all eventualities. In total, a single Union Jack bet consists of only eight different bets! Though, you can go as high as 80 if you choose to place your money on a more involved version of the Union Jack Bet.


How Does the Union Jack Bet Work?

Union Jack bets are far simpler than most people think. The key to playing strategically is to understand how individual bets work. Luckily, that’s pretty simple with a Union Jack bet. The only wagers you are making are trebles!

Trebles are an accumulator bet type. That means that all of your selections have to win to see a return. With a treble, three out of your nine selections are in play. You can’t have any dead heats. All three selections must win. The stakes are a bit higher than a single bet or double bet. But, so are the potential rewards.


Forming the Union Jack Bet

So what makes a Union Jack bet so special. Well, it all comes down to the way you make your selections. When you envision the Union Jack flag, you’ll notice that there are four lines. Now, picture a grid on top of it. That’s how you’ll place your bets.

Essentially, you’re creating a 3×3 grid and arranging your selections into three rows. Many bookies even provide this grid on their betting slip to make things easier.

When you’re finished making your selections, your bet slip should have three rows. Let’s say that you’re using basic letters as your selections. The grid would consist of selections ABC, DEF, and DHI. It should look like this:


Now, follow the lines of the Union Jack! In addition to following the lines of the flag, go up and down with the grid pattern in mind. This results in a total of eight treble bets. Here’s a break down of how those bets look:



Types of Union Jack Bets

Earlier, we mentioned that there were a few types of Union Jack bets available. They all work the same way and consist of the same treble bet selections. But, the difference is the addition of other bets.

Some iterations include:

Union Jack Trixie
Union Jack Patent
Union Jack Round Robin
Union Jack Treble Bet


Union Jack Trixie

The Trixie version of this bet adds doubles into the mix. A double is like a treble but only consists of two selections. Using the grid to come up with your trebles, you’ll find that there are a total of 24 different combinations. Add that with the eight trebles and you have a total of 32 bets.


Union Jack Patent Bet

The Patent version of the Union Jack takes things a bit further. A standard patent bet includes seven different bets. When you multiply those seven bets by the eight total bets of the Union Jack, you get a total of 56 bets for this iteration.

It includes all of the same bets as the Union Jack Trixie. But, it also adds 24 single bets. Singles are simple win/lose bets covering one selection.


Union Jack Round Robin Bet

Round Robin bets are the most complicated types of Union Jack bets. They utilize the same number of trebles and doubles as all of the previous versions. But, rather than singles, Single Stake About pairs are used. SSA bets are conditional two-part bets. The second part only occurs if you win the second part.

With the SSA bets, the total number of wagers in the Union Jack Round Robin is 80.


How to Calculate Winnings from a Union Jack Bet?

Calculating the winnings of even a basic Union Jack bet is complicated. There are many factors that come into play. You have to consider your odds format, unit stake, total stake, and price.

It’s possible to work out the math yourself. But, it’s far easier to just use a bet calculator. A Union Jack bet calculator can provide you with the results you’re after in seconds. All you have to do is input the bet details. From there, you can modify parameters as things change. This is particularly useful with the Round Robin, which changes as the game events unfold.

There are calculators for all types of Union Jack bets. This includes the Trixie, Round Robin, and Patent bet calculator.


The Pros and Cons of a Union Jack Bet

Union Jack bets aren’t for everyone. This wager isn’t nearly as popular as other types of combination bets. Before you consider placing your money with a bookmaker, here are some advantages and disadvantages to think about.


The biggest advantage that the Union Jack bet has to offer is strategy. With the distinct grid pattern, you can easily arrange your selections to work in your favor. This ensures that the selections you’re most confident in have a bigger effect on your returns.

Let’s say that you are very confident in one particular selection of a horse racing event. You’ve watched this horse compete before and they never let you down in the past. Well, you could place that horse in the “E” position.

The “E” position is right in the center of the Union Jack grid. Thus, it’s included in more of your treble selections. It’ll be in four of them, which could improve your odds of having a higher total return.

This is in stark contrast to positions B, D, F, and H. Those selections will only show up in two of your treble bets. Thus, you can put the selections you’re not so confident in at those spots.


Ultimately, the Union Jack bet is considered by most punters to be a novelty bet. That’s because it’s relatively easy to lose. Unlike other combination bets, this wager does not cover more eventualities.

Say that selections A, E, F, G, and H won. That’s five out of your nine selections coming out victorious! Surely you would win something right? Well, if you look at the Union Jack grid, you’ll find that those five selections aren’t lined up correctly. You wouldn’t win any of your treble bets!


Why Place a Union Jack Bet?

A Union Jack bet can be beneficial if you’re very familiar with your sport and have confidence in your selections. The biggest draw of this wager is control over how your selections affect your returns. Placing those selections accordingly allows you to maximize winnings and earn the biggest return possible.


What Sports Work Well with the Union Jack Bet?

Union Jack bets work great in virtually any competitive sport. It’s most common with horse racing and football, but you can place these wagers on everything from tennis matches to bowling.

The only qualifier is that your sport needs to have multiple events. Remember, all of your selections have to be for different events. You can’t wager it all on a single match with only two contenders. That said, basic two-team matches aren’t out of the cards. You just have to place your bets on larger tournament events. Big-name events like the World Cup and Premier League are very popular with Union Jack betting.


Best Sites to Place a Union Jack Bet on

If you don’t want to place a bet in person, you can always do so online. Online betting sites are a dime a dozen these days. They have become incredibly popular in the last decade thanks to their ease of use and accessibility.

Many online bookies have more to offer than traditional bookmakers, too. Not only do they cover more events, but you’re bound to find good perks as well. Most sites these days offer free bets, bonuses, and other incentives to new members. So, it pays to see what’s available. Here are some good sites to look into:

William Hill
888 Sport



The Union Jack bet is an interesting wager to place. It might not be the most comprehensive bet out there. But, it still has a lot to offer experienced punters. If you know what you’re doing and have confidence in your choices, it’s a great option. Just look to the Union Jack flag to plan your bet! You can play strategically, win big, and leave the game flushed with cash!